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Mr. LicorBy MegankellyczajkaA sweet and spicy dessert cocktail inspired by the Hernandez!
Sing to Me, PaoloBy lkjones03Coffee, Campari and lemon- your mind immediately expects Italian and then realizes it’s more like Hilary Duff with a bad Italian accent. The spicy rye comes through to challenge the Campari bite, while both are rounded out by the warm nuttiness of the Mr. Black and orgeat. Roger Ebert and Zoe, the harshest canine couch critic, give it two thumbs way up!
Nightfall on the DesertBy jeremy.muirA warming after dinner drink, for cold nights in the desert when sunset comes early. This spirit forward cocktail brings the spice, with Ancho Reyes and Rittenhouse rye whisky to balance against the comforting coffee flavor of Mr Black. The Appleton Estate 12 year adds a little fruit and vanilla on the nose.
A Rye SmileBy meteormickA fresh, lively version of the cold fashioned using cherries which are in season in Australia right now. Shaken and served up, it produces a refreshing, beautiful foam for presentation and mouthful. The drink has savoury-sweet deep flavours that demand sips quickly followed up with more sips. You may use any rye whiskey, but nothing is more wry than a bullet, I mean, nothing has more rye than Bulleit, at 95% rye mashbill 🙂
Caffeine ClubBy miakumariiThe Caffeine Club is inspired by two things I couldn't live without: caffeine and a banana and peanut butter sandwich. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or a simple midnight snack, the sweet and salty flavour of peanut butter on fresh rye bread with soft fragrant bananas pairs perfectly with the rich Mr Blacks coffee liqueur and the smokey lapsang tea syrup. I prefer this drink as a digestif as it has rich, sweet and umami notes throughout with a soft mouth feel. The Islay spray inside the glass highlights the smokey and salty aspect of the drink and reminds me of my evening walks along the stormy beaches in Scotland and the joy of coming back home to a late night sandwich with a hot cup of coffee.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s 2020By Mixtress TraylorThis year calls for espresso, not "coffee" liqueurs. Enter Mr. Black! Kick your breakfast up a level, and garnish with your favorite cherries and whatever you're smoking to get you through the day. Cheers!
Infused Rye SourBy repele.andreaOne hell of a coffee boost to the classic whiskey sour
Benton’s BlackBy EbtoulsonA coffee variant on a Benton's Old Fashioned. Fat washing observations: - Different brands of bacon can give vastly different tastes. - For a more alcohol forward cocktail, use a high proof whisky or substitute half of the fat washed rye with non-washed rye.
Spicy Mr. FosterBy doglasseA balanced spin on a classic old fashioned. Starts with spice, coffee and orange and finishes with caramelized banana. One of the smoothest old fashioneds I have ever had.
Morning MaryBy Justin HoughA riff on the Bloody Mary, the Morning Mary spices up the day with rye bourbon, Mr. Black, egg whites, the mild, yet full bodied, Cholula hot sauce and bacon flavored rim salt. Enjoy!
Cinnamon Coffee CocktailBy alonperetz2001Excellent cocktail for the morning. The sweetness of the cinnamon syrop and the rye whiskey go well together
Big Apple Breakfast SourBy briandiaz86.bdI fell in love with the Breakfast Sour featured on YouTube. I swapped out the Whistle Pig for Russell's Reserve and floated red wine on top as my version of the New York Sour.
Mr. Black’s BoatBy joachimkokaA Paper Plane variation to play up the roast and chocolate notes in Mr. Black while paying homage to the practice of serving lemon with espresso.
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