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Coffee SwizzleBy smcassedayA brunch swizzle sure to put a pep in your step.
Cafe JaliscoBy smcassedayA mixup of an espresso martini with tequila.
Catch 22By lstanard.lsA variety of flavors that blend together for a rounded out smooth finish. Great after dinner drink.
Mr. LicorBy MegankellyczajkaA sweet and spicy dessert cocktail inspired by the Hernandez!
TruceBy simplystirredcocktailsA hand shake amongst flavors working in harmony.
CigarBy jinoch.m_1CIGAR Strong, bold, complex, smokey with notes of chocolate. Just like my favorite cigar Santana Premium XO. 85% dark chocolate rim on the glass. Glass was smoked with cherry wood smoke. CHEERS!
Chilli MochatiniBy Lochlan.stuhne-scottKeeping to the "wake me up and f#ck me up" nature of the original Espresso Martini; this version is a sweeter, all alcohol riff with a kick! I've used ingredients from within the Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions to showcase some unique local tipples. The butterscotch chilli schnapps add a tonne of flavour without an overbearing spice. This combines with the chocolate wine to replace any sugar syrup, and all ingredients complement the Mr Black cold brew liqueur. 10/10 would drink again!
The Smooth SailorBy dragoo96The Smooth Sailor gets its smooth and complex coffee flavour from Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur and has highlights all the ingredients used. Even though it has a rich and front forward coffee base, the addition of rum, and orgeat adds depth and character that compliments coffee and chocolate. Almost reminiscent of a latte with cream. For those wanting a more chocolatey flavour profile add more chocolate bitters in!
BlackcelloBy It’s me, JTBest Digestif Ever! Very refreshing, so fulfilling and maybe a bit dangerous πŸ˜‰πŸ’– As a big fan of Mr.Black, I have tried to mix some of my favorite ingredients into this cocktail. Hope you like it! πŸ–€πŸ‹
HARD StartBy carrington23Brunch life is hard, and you're not a Basic Bee. You know how to start your brunching madness, you start it just like you go in the paint, Hard! Hard Start it's not just dreamy it's also Creamy. DRINK. RESPONSIBLY.
Dark PassionBy matt.dunneA base of the Pornstar martini with the addition of Mr Black. A delightful sweet, citrus for ground with a smooth finish of coffee.
The DonBy jacopo.montisThe best way to enjoy a coffee has always been the "espresso" way: so simple yet so tasty. Using Australian native ingredients to recreate a simple yet tasty twist on a classic Old Fashioned.
Dutch ColonialBy tlemakeRecipe built from prized flavors of the maritime trading empire of the colonial Netherlands. This tiki-inflected drink is sweet and malty at first with black coffee and nutmeg right behind, then bright citrus follows before a roasted, spicy finish all mellowed by cool coconut. The cocktail features Genever (made in former colony New York), coffee and nutmeg of Indonesia, Curacao oranges, Malaysian coconut, Indian black pepper, Ghanaian chocolate and South American brown sugar. All these coveted goods and fortified colonies made the Netherlands the greatest power in Europe for a century by way of the Dutch East and West India Companies. Marvel at how the drink vaguely resembles the flag of the Netherlands! Contemplate the fleeting spoils of empire and the inevitable disintegration of global commercial and military power with the bitter-sweet burn of this bold dessert drink! Sail forth O conqueror!
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