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Shriveled Old Bastard (S.O.B)By jscottkleinInspired by the Trinidad Sour, this cocktail is like that old uncle many of us have. Bitter, spicy and little sweet if you give him a chance. The ample Angostura, Coffee, lemon juice, and high proof Smith & Cross Rum is balanced by a Golden Raisin Spiced Syrup.
Coffee House PunchBy tdbrantRooted in historic punch style but updated with Mr. Black to keep the party going.
Arabica PunchBy tdbrantA winter sipper with a variety of warming spice notes.
Nightfall on the DesertBy jeremy.muirA warming after dinner drink, for cold nights in the desert when sunset comes early. This spirit forward cocktail brings the spice, with Ancho Reyes and Rittenhouse rye whisky to balance against the comforting coffee flavor of Mr Black. The Appleton Estate 12 year adds a little fruit and vanilla on the nose.
Himalayan RetreatBy @cocktails_nirvanaA nightcap inspired by a drink called Kahwah from the Himalayan region in Asia. Kahwah is a green tea infused with saffron, cinnamon and cardamom, and served with honey, and crushed walnuts and almonds. I started with a classic Manhattan template using Rum, Coffee and Orange liqueurs, and kept adapting till I ended up with my interpretation of Kahwah. An important factor was how to incorporate the nutty flavors with saffron without compromising the fruity and bitter flavors of Rum, Coffee, and Orange. After multiple trials, I ended up using Saffron infused Orgeat for honey, and at the end a dash of Cardomom Bitters rounded up the drink. Hope you like this boozy version of a historic drink from the Himalayas.
Mr FlipBy zprn9001A take on the flip, using brown butter fat-washed rum! Rich, butterscotchy, coffee-y, tasty!
Rum Coffee AlexanderBy koktailmeisterIt may be summer down here in 🐨land but it’s been cool and rainy ☔️ so it is the perfect opportunity to mix up some drinks with cream: 🥛 The Rum Coffee Alexander
The Blackest ThoughtsBy tuedelkromThis one is about keeping the balance between rich and refreshing. The cocktail welcomes you with vibrant citrus aromas leading to fine rum and coffee flavors. Dark chocolate and bitter notes are dominating the finish and are representing the counterpart to the easy drinkable Porter.
Spasm (Zero Waste Cocktail)By mikeymcd86This cocktail is essentially a pumpkin spice espresso martini. I was inspired to make a zero-waste pumpkin spice skyrup (skin+syrup) using the leftover skins from a roasted pumpkin. Recipe below.
Creamy Coffee CaribbeanBy alex_falkA creamy flip balanced with the freshness from orange bitter and sweetness from mango purée. The coffee flavour comes through enhanced with grated dark chocolate on top. Jamaican pot stilled rum lifts the drink in whole.
Santa’s Boxing Day Vacation CoffeeBy lkjones03When Santa’s work is done I like to picture he and Mrs. Claus flying their sleigh to a tropical beach vacation and starting their morning off with Santa’s Boxing Day Vacation Coffee. While tiki at heart, the Mr. Black coffee liqueur plays with the orgeat and the ginger adds a nice winter spice.
Mr. BlackquiriBy james.bueghlyA bold, flavorful riff on a classic daiquiri. The Mr. Black and Smith and Cross merge into a complex and pleasingly bitter base, but the drink remains crisp, citrusy, and refreshing, as any good daiquiri should be!
Espress YourselfBy christopherrhoden54An espresso martini, incorporating tropical flavors and fresh herbaceous smoke. Back up with dry notes of coffee, cocoa bitters, and real espresso.
Vieux BateauBy sl.etterInspired by the Mr. Black Negroni and the Moneygun’s Mai Tai Riff, this is my take on a tropical Vieux Carre.
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