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HARD StartBy carrington23Brunch life is hard, and you're not a Basic Bee. You know how to start your brunching madness, you start it just like you go in the paint, Hard! Hard Start it's not just dreamy it's also Creamy. DRINK. RESPONSIBLY.
Gasoline FightBy crcsevansIt's not an Orange Mocha Frappuccino that leads to a gasoline fight, it is the Gasoline Fight! The cocktail made to lift Derek Zoolander's spirits after he gives an eulogy. A delightful cocktail that tastes of lovely coffee, creamy, cholate, and orange goodness! It is dangerously good!
The TuxedoBy 93PROOF_VICInspired by my favorite coffee drink, a mix of dark and white mocha. This coffee cocktail is the perfect after dinner drink.
Black ColaBy Sean Drinks At HomeThis is a red-can soda lover’s cocktail. I have a friend that does not drink anything but a vodka with cola and this was inspired by his palette. Using Ramazzotti for the kola nut flavors and the Mr. Black kept the caffeine present. The orange garnish at the end and the touch of Italicus keep it fresh. Lightly carbonated and not overly boozy-tasting, this one will surely please most.
The VergeBy vlyons3A Holiday take on a Brandy Alexander
Blackest ForestBy jwowheadBlending the traditional trifecta of coffee, chocolate and cherries, this cocktail will make you believe you have just taken a bite of the most decadent black forest cake you have ever tried.
$5 MilkshakeBy lochmann_cSmooth ‘grown up’ milkshake. This cocktail sees the marvellous Mr Black partnered with a ‘strong but silent type’ Bourbon (we used Archie Rose rye whiskey) and mellowed with a nutty milk to make a delicious ‘adults only’ milkshake. Now give me a straw and let me get drinking!
Mr. Black’s Sundae Fun DayBy @westchula2017It's Sunday last day for fun day, back to business as usual come Monday. ("On a Sunday Afternoon", Lighter Shade of Brown) Take time to chill with a Mr. Black Sundae Fun Day. 🍨🍨
Mr Black’s After-Dinner MintBy kaz74pCreamy, chocolaty, minty and coffee goodness all rolled into one. This three-in-one cocktail allows you to have your dessert with your coffee and after-dinner mint.
Clarified Mr Black MochachinoBy its.angry.aussieA coffee cocktail for people who aren't actually coffee lovers. Using milk clarification to soften the impact of the coffee flavour while retaining the character of Mr Black and the other ingredients.
Spiced MochaBy rahul_bhagwatInspired by the Mexican mocha, this drink brings together the deep coffee flavors of Mr Black and caramel-molasses notes of Old Monk 7 (Indian rum) with chocolate, cinnamon and ancho chile. Surprisingly refreshing and harmonious inspite of all the big flavors, this is the ideal after dinner cocktail.
Midnight cloudBy kieran.s.vidlerSoft and silky, this cocktail gives a smooth flavour with the combination of mr blacks coffee liqueur and scotch whiskey, sweetened with honey mead. The dark crème de cocoa gives it a nice richness and the bitters give it an aromatic lift. All tied together with the use of egg white making it silky in texture
Mr. Black, Meet the Little Green DragonBy SharonCohenCooksThis cocktail brings me outside, sitting around a fire pit, toasting marshmallows on a cold December night. You will feel warm from the inside out with this drink!
Rum Coffee AlexanderBy koktailmeisterIt may be summer down here in 🐨land but it’s been cool and rainy ☔️ so it is the perfect opportunity to mix up some drinks with cream: 🥛 The Rum Coffee Alexander
Café FramboiseBy grantThe bold, robust espresso notes of Mr Black are balanced with the sweetness of the Raspberry and chocolate then wrapped with a luxurious vanilla cream.
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