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A Pine Day for CoffeeBy aundrerA tropical, easy summer drinking cocktail with a coffee twist. How pine is this one?
Night FlightBy Tipples&TitbitsIn this riff on a Lost Plane, Mr Black finds himself navigating a Night Flight alongside Bermuda black rum, Aperol and lemon juice to create a jaunty journey for your tastebuds. This cocktail is as easy to drink as it is to make - just shake up equal parts of each ingredient with ice in a cocktail shaker, strain into your fanciest cocktail glass, sit back and enjoy your flight. No garnish necessary!
Midnight ColadaBy Alexis RamosMidnight Colada is like a piƱa colada putting on a tuxedo. A delicious classic, with an upscale twist. First, you will enjoy a rich cherry flavor with a decadent finish of coffee aroma. Followed by Caribbean notes of coconut, pineapple and rum.
Wakey Wakey, Rise + ShineBy gabymlynarczykA Pearl Diver inspired "corpse reviver" for brekkie, featuring brown butter gardenia mix, a hint of absinthe and smoked salt.
Dark SeasBy genecooper9My intent was to create a well balanced cocktail that highlights the sharp spices of the rum and the rich, bold flavors of the coffee and walnut liqueurs, each being complimented by the softness of the vanilla. The addition of the star anise garnish creates a unique aromatic experience that seems to tie everything together.
Black’s GetawayBy 93PROOF_VICA coffee forward cocktail with notes of sweet molasses, cane sugar and fresh citrus. A perfect way to wake up and fantasize of an island vacation!
Armchair SunshineBy AmyMakesCocktailsThis is a comfortingly sweet and silky drink, balanced by bitters and bittersweet coffee liqueur. The dark caramel and slight coconut notes of the black rum are deliciously rich companions for roasted coffee flavour, while apricot, vanilla, and the spices that come through from the bitters bring to mind spiced apricot pie or crumble. That combination of Jamaican rum and coffee-and-cake flavours is the inspiration for the name. A certain sunniness is also provided by the lemon juice and oils, brightening and adding another layer of aroma.
i-DunnoBy tracy.hallRich and Complex; hard to define - i dunno...
Ethel MBy tracy.hallExperience a famous chocolatier's Rum Chocolates in a chilled glass. Dry, rum-forward
Brandy OMGGBy tracy.hallNext Next Next level Brandy Alexander. A little extra prep work, but deep, dark, dry and delicious.
Brandy OMGBy tracy.hallNext-Next level Brandy Alexander
The Island MochaBy jordan.a.reiffA rich, smooth combination of coffee and chocolate liqueurs, with a base of black rum.