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Rum Barrel WinterBy charlieburris2Bringing together the vanilla and caramel notes of Demerara rum, the warming bitterness of Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur and Cynar, and the smoky, citrusy notes of falernum, the Rum Barrel Winter is a Negroni-style, tropical-tinged winter warmer that replenishes the soul.
Señor NoirBy gfoley16Combining some of the highest quality spirits from Mexico and France Mr. Black brings this well rounded boozy cocktail together think Manhattan meets Sidecar meets old fashioned
Mr. Black’s Sundae Fun DayBy @westchula2017It's Sunday last day for fun day, back to business as usual come Monday. ("On a Sunday Afternoon", Lighter Shade of Brown) Take time to chill with a Mr. Black Sundae Fun Day. 🍨🍨
The Coffee BerryBy David CashThis drink is incredibly refreshing with the rich mix of fresh berries combing perfectly with that distinct Mr Black chocolatey coffee kick. This is good. Really good! Enjoy!
And The Beet Goes OnBy yura.brygidyrThis cocktail represents both my Ukrainian roots living in the United States and the Australians love of beets. Growing up eating homemade Borscht (a traditional beet soup), I knew beets were more than just a vegetable. I’m always searching for ways to incorporate it into my cocktails. Recently I discovered that in Australia, this root has a special place on the dining table. Instantly, this recipe was created. The robust coffee and spice notes of Mr. Black works perfectly with the earthiness and juiciness of the beets. Whereas the Aviation Western-style Gin brings cardamom and coriander notes into the mix. The lemon juice brightens up the beet juice and the pure maple coats it up with a rich flavor. And last, but not least, the egg white shines as a velvet frothy-like texture. Please enjoy, Cheers!
Mr Black’s After-Dinner MintBy kaz74pCreamy, chocolaty, minty and coffee goodness all rolled into one. This three-in-one cocktail allows you to have your dessert with your coffee and after-dinner mint.
Pine GapBy SharonCohenCooksA amicable tete a tete of strong flavors that end up harmonious in the glass
Twisted Cold Brew Old FashionedBy repele.andreaWho doesn't love a good old fashioned? And coffee? So how about we combine the two and make it extra special 😉
Black BrewBy Just Shake or StirWhen you need a coffee to pick you up the Black Coffee is the best solution. But what about if you are out and have the time of your life and feel tired. Well, try this Black Brew cocktail—a warm and slightly bittersweet with a kick and lots of flavours. When you call for a black coffee, try the Black Brew and keep going.
A Rye SmileBy meteormickA fresh, lively version of the cold fashioned using cherries which are in season in Australia right now. Shaken and served up, it produces a refreshing, beautiful foam for presentation and mouthful. The drink has savoury-sweet deep flavours that demand sips quickly followed up with more sips. You may use any rye whiskey, but nothing is more wry than a bullet, I mean, nothing has more rye than Bulleit, at 95% rye mashbill 🙂
The Big AppleBy Jake DolmanNice cold drink to warm your insides up on a cold day
Café LoompaBy mshintyEvery year my wife makes a liqueur during Lent, an old Breton recipe which combines coffee and orange in light rum. I have used that as inspiration for this recipe, adding cognac and orgeat for another layer of French flavours. Why Café Loompa? This seems the right drink for magical folk - it won't turn your skin orange and your hair green, but it will make your shift in the chocolate factory fly by!
The BFF (aka Black Forest Fizz)By arjun_venkateshThe BFF (Black Forest Fizz) brings together a shot of energy courtesy Mr. Black, infused with forest-y botanical flavors, topped off with a refreshing citrus effervescence. Start the weekend off with a kick, cool down after work or add some zest to that hot date 😉
Rum & Vanilla Espresso MartiniBy charliegeorgelangleyThis simple riff on the espresso martini captures the essence of the drink we all know and love, while adding a depth of complex flavour for a more experienced drinker to enjoy. The rich, deep coffee flavour of Mr Black melds beautifully with the vanilla notes of Licor 43 and the complexity of a good aged rum, coming together to liven up the often rather one-note espresso martini, while still remaining true to the original drink. This simple to make, easy to drink cocktail only requires four ingredients, all in equal measures, in the style of the espresso martini.
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