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Gingerbread MartiniBy Hutch - Hutch's Happy HourTaking inspiration from my favourite festive coffee, the Gingerbread Martini is Christmas in a glass! The hint of sweetness balancing perfectly with Mr Blacks, along with the creaminess of the Baileys has made this cocktail a real crowd pleaser in our house.
Irish LattiniBy victoriaAs a big latte drinker, I was looking for a richer mouthfeel than you get from a traditional Espresso Martini, but something that still let the complex coffee flavors of Mr Black shine. So came up with this richer variation. Whilst the ingredients are not very original, using Irish Whiskey rather than Vodka compliments the Baileys perfectly and adds some extra backbone to the cocktail. The end result is perfectly balanced and does not fall into the trap of some other super sweet Baileys or cream based cocktails... the coffee is still very much the hero here.
White PersianBy vinny.palmerA riff on the White Russian influenced by traditional Persian and Indian coffees. Creamy, sweet, extravagant and delicate with hints of rose and cardamom. An ideal dessert cocktail that brings to mind thoughts of tiramisu.
Midnight cloudBy kieran.s.vidlerSoft and silky, this cocktail gives a smooth flavour with the combination of mr blacks coffee liqueur and scotch whiskey, sweetened with honey mead. The dark crème de cocoa gives it a nice richness and the bitters give it an aromatic lift. All tied together with the use of egg white making it silky in texture
Bright FutureBy Ian HosackFloral, bright, bitter, and honeyed in taste, this is a coffee cocktail built on a rich lavender syrup and balanced with Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, espresso, herbal gin and brightened up further with a dry curaçao. This is delicate and floral, while still give you the joy and handful of a nice clean brunch cold brew coffee.
Merry Christmas Mr BlackBy repele.andreaA delicious holiday cocktail that will warm you up. Perfect combination of bourbon, chocolate liquor and Mr Black with the special addition of gingerbread and cinnamon liquors. A must have during this holiday season!
Triple Orange Espresso MartiniBy Just Shake or StirInspired by the beautiful combination of chocolate and orange, I wanted to turn these flavours into a liquid enjoyment. The cocktail is refreshing with prominent coffee flavour from MR Black Liqueur and settle citrus notes on the back end. A smooth texture, warm kick and slightly sweet with bitter notes. An excellent after-dinner cocktail or a party drink.
Smokey Joe.By sheadmyers1A smoky island blend that pairs pineapple and almond flavors that highlight the rich and savory brewed liquor that is Mr. Black.
A Spiced Nod to NogBy carterclint1A light version of egg nog, with spice notes from chai-infused gin and cardamom bitters, nuttiness from amontillado sherry and black walnut bitters, and a sweet roundness from Mr. Black and Demerara syrup. Everything is brightened with freshly grated nutmeg, orange bitters, and expressed orange peel oil.
Breakfast for DinnerBy 62ndcocktailsGood morning... or is it good evening? Either way, everyone loves breakfast for dinner once in a while. This cocktail uses the basic elements of breakfast and adds that late night kick of alcohol to create a cocktail that captures the essence of breakfast in a delicious nightcap. Easy to make and even easier to drink. Cheers!
Clear MindBy MuhlhauserAt the crossroads of uncertainty, this clarified Irish coffee will lead the way.
Ms. BlackBy Savidge KitchenMr. Black, allow me introduce you to Ms. Black. This dark smoky cocktail ends up being surprisingly subtle, considering the bold ingredients: Scotch Whisky, Coffee Liqueur, dash of orange bitters, a Spiced Syrup.... oh, and just a touch of cinnamon smoke acts as both a garnish and tasting experience. Because where there's smoke there's fire, and honestly, what kitchen is complete without some fire? 😉
Smoky SunsetBy SharonCohenCooksThis boozy drink puts me in front of a fire pit as the sun sets on a crisp Winter's day.
Caffeine ClubBy miakumariiThe Caffeine Club is inspired by two things I couldn't live without: caffeine and a banana and peanut butter sandwich. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or a simple midnight snack, the sweet and salty flavour of peanut butter on fresh rye bread with soft fragrant bananas pairs perfectly with the rich Mr Blacks coffee liqueur and the smokey lapsang tea syrup. I prefer this drink as a digestif as it has rich, sweet and umami notes throughout with a soft mouth feel. The Islay spray inside the glass highlights the smokey and salty aspect of the drink and reminds me of my evening walks along the stormy beaches in Scotland and the joy of coming back home to a late night sandwich with a hot cup of coffee.
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