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Mr. AppleBy geoff.finneganI know, Apples and Coffee is weird but this happy accident is a dark glass of fruity intrigue with a punch of coffee. The nocino and scotch add complexity and spice for a surprising finish.
Black Forest & FogBy The Annex STLA cocktail for the discerning and dressed down. As you drink you'll find smoke and citrus on the nose and at the front, pine and malt in the middle, a rich nutty finish, and dark chocolate throughout. The flavors are clean and their balance will keep you coming back for the next sip until, sadly, it's gone.
Midnight cloudBy kieran.s.vidlerSoft and silky, this cocktail gives a smooth flavour with the combination of mr blacks coffee liqueur and scotch whiskey, sweetened with honey mead. The dark crème de cocoa gives it a nice richness and the bitters give it an aromatic lift. All tied together with the use of egg white making it silky in texture
Ms. BlackBy Savidge KitchenMr. Black, allow me introduce you to Ms. Black. This dark smoky cocktail ends up being surprisingly subtle, considering the bold ingredients: Scotch Whisky, Coffee Liqueur, dash of orange bitters, a Spiced Syrup.... oh, and just a touch of cinnamon smoke acts as both a garnish and tasting experience. Because where there's smoke there's fire, and honestly, what kitchen is complete without some fire? 😉
Smoke and StoneBy rauraidh555This is a cocktail that I feel makes coffee the hero, the other flavours are just there to amplify the coffee's flavours and round things out. Smoky and smooth with a hint of sweetness, even if you don't like whisky I would give this one a try!
Spiced coffee sourBy DHIRAJ.RAJANI31The perfection of the sour cocktail template, along with the aroma of coffee and the deliciousness of Indian spices!
The Man Comes AroundBy mjtedesco23A decadent cocktail that will leave you wondering, who is the man that comes around to drink it?
Small TalkBy david.hazelburnCalled ‘Small Talk’ because you wouldn’t be able to handle a full on discussion while you’re sipping this cocktail. A small talk is plenty enough. Enjoy 🙂
The Farmers WifeBy gchj555A small drink for the dry heat of the Flinders Ranges.
The Story Of Three BeansBy yura.brygidyrTruly a delightful sipper! Star of the show Mr. Black, brings robust spices and chocolate notes. The scotch adds smoke and maltiness, while the Luxardo Maraschino delivers cherry notes and the lemon zest makes for a bit of brightness. Besides, each ingredient highlights particular flavour profile of three types of beans that are roasted separately - light-medium roast (chocolate, toffee, fruity notes), Papua New Guinea roast (citrus) and Arabica (cold brew vibes). That’s where the cocktail name comes from. Enjoy it with friends and family next to the fireplace.
First ChairBy geoff.finneganInspired by Concerto Italian liqueur. This digestif-inspired cocktail features notes of coffee, cocoa, licorice and black walnuts. A perfect drink with or for dessert.
Southern Cross SunriseBy repele.andreaThe ideal sunrise is when you join coffee with nice balanced herbal notes. The gin-scotch combo is perfectly paired with Mr Black, and this newly formed cocktail will hug your mouth until new energies will run through your body. Enjoy!
Cap’n BlackBy badlittlecocktailsRich & silky with cereal notes from the blended scotch up front which evolves into coffee with subtle banana on the back palate. The flavor of coffee lingers on the back palate while notes of spiced citrus remain up front.
On the Port MartiniBy kristofer.terrellThis lovely cocktail has a deep, rich nose with smooth silky mouth feel. The best way to start a lazy Sunday or give yourself that extra push on a stressful Friday afternoon.
Coffee & CigarsBy HarleyAn elegant old fashioned style cocktail with a hint of smoke, subtle sweetness and balanced with the rich complexity of cold brew coffee.
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