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Black Forest & FogBy The Annex STLA cocktail for the discerning and dressed down. As you drink you'll find smoke and citrus on the nose and at the front, pine and malt in the middle, a rich nutty finish, and dark chocolate throughout. The flavors are clean and their balance will keep you coming back for the next sip until, sadly, it's gone.
Caffeine ClubBy miakumariiThe Caffeine Club is inspired by two things I couldn't live without: caffeine and a banana and peanut butter sandwich. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch, or a simple midnight snack, the sweet and salty flavour of peanut butter on fresh rye bread with soft fragrant bananas pairs perfectly with the rich Mr Blacks coffee liqueur and the smokey lapsang tea syrup. I prefer this drink as a digestif as it has rich, sweet and umami notes throughout with a soft mouth feel. The Islay spray inside the glass highlights the smokey and salty aspect of the drink and reminds me of my evening walks along the stormy beaches in Scotland and the joy of coming back home to a late night sandwich with a hot cup of coffee.
Smoke and StoneBy rauraidh555This is a cocktail that I feel makes coffee the hero, the other flavours are just there to amplify the coffee's flavours and round things out. Smoky and smooth with a hint of sweetness, even if you don't like whisky I would give this one a try!
Islay CorrettoBy Marco ColettaThis drink combines the Italian tradition of adding few drops of grappa to an espresso (Caffè Corretto) with the peated and earthy flavours of Islay Scotch. The flavours are rounded and blended by the honey syrup whereas the lemon oil expressed on the drink contribute to make it lighter and brighter. The resulting drink is perfect as after dinner to aid digestion, or as a nightcap to call it a day.
Firm GripBy trevinhutchinsA slow-sipping digestif cocktail that brings together four strong personalities.
Coffee & CigarsBy HarleyAn elegant old fashioned style cocktail with a hint of smoke, subtle sweetness and balanced with the rich complexity of cold brew coffee.