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Terry’s NegroniBy mjm6783If anyone has ever had a Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange, then you will understand the flavor profile I was shooting for. In my original specs I was trying to create a Negroni where I switched out the sweet vermouth for a blend of Amari and liqueurs. It was very sweet, but I was struck by how the coffee flavor of Mr. Black tasted almost like dark chocolate when mixed with the Bitter of Campari and CioCiaro.
Sing to Me, PaoloBy lkjones03Coffee, Campari and lemon- your mind immediately expects Italian and then realizes it’s more like Hilary Duff with a bad Italian accent. The spicy rye comes through to challenge the Campari bite, while both are rounded out by the warm nuttiness of the Mr. Black and orgeat. Roger Ebert and Zoe, the harshest canine couch critic, give it two thumbs way up!
Captain Black’s Brunch BrewBy tjCaptain Black love his coffee and he loves brunch. This recipe offers the best to both of these worlds. He likes this cocktail served cold with an oversized ice cube over brunch.
Breakfast RumgroniBy tjcocktailclubI LOVE boozy bunch drinks. I wanted to make something Negroni-ish, but richer (hence the Demerara Dum) and with strong breakfasty vibes (coffee and fruit). That said, it works really well as a digestif. Salud!
Mrs BlackBy Piers KnightThe better half of Mr Black. Same great taste with a touch of le femme. The closest comparison is like liquid Tiramisu!
Espresso NegroniBy nwbergstedtA rich, robust dessert cocktail that preserves the legacy of the Negroni while treating the drinker to a roasted caffeinated buzz.
The Farmers WifeBy gchj555A small drink for the dry heat of the Flinders Ranges.
Svegliami, Putein de madreBy nsa49This drink certainly lives up to its name, the first part uses Italian for “wake me up” and the second part uses French for “fuck me up.” Drawing inspiration from multiple cocktails this slightly sweet beverage has a subtle thickness from the cream which carries in the coffee and hazelnut, following with the green chartreuse and a brief Campari finish. I personally like to go back and forth between the espresso and the cocktail. *Vegan substitute for cream, I recommend oat milk.
Mr. Black is the New OrangeBy KennethCrosbyThe flavors of Mr. Black mingle with the sweetness and subtle bitterness of orange. Garnished with zested chocolate and a twist of orange dipped in chocolate and flake sea salt, this rich but refreshing after dinner desert drink will have you asking for just one more.
Mintnight JoeBy SharonCohenCooksThis cocktail brings me to a grand room with a fireplace at the end of a Winter’s day. The Cognac and the mint play perfectly with Mr. Black to create a boozy easy drinking nightcap
Common GroundBy AmyMakesCocktailsThis recipe uses ingredients that all begin with 'C' and each compliment different facets of the rich flavour of coffee. It's bittersweet, with cachaca tang, and the pleasant surprise of a fusion of roasted, tropical, and herbal flavours.
Southern Cross SunriseBy repele.andreaThe ideal sunrise is when you join coffee with nice balanced herbal notes. The gin-scotch combo is perfectly paired with Mr Black, and this newly formed cocktail will hug your mouth until new energies will run through your body. Enjoy!
Black FerrariBy prod.byajdMy cocktail incorporates the Ferrari shot (equal parts Fernet Branca and Campari) as part of its base alongside Del Maguey Vida Mezcal. Rounding out the herbal bitterness of the amari and the smoke of the mezcal, Mr. Black sings in this drink as a perfect compliment to each ingredient throughout, with the Mole Bitters tying everything together. The oils from the grapefruit peel add a bright, yet subtle citrus note with each sip. I hope you enjoy. Thank you!
Black RubyBy dasaxmanA combination of bold flavours creates a well-balanced drink, far more than the sum of its parts.
Negroni NeroBy matthewOlive brine mixed with Angostura Bitters and squid ink releases a great salinity to extract the citrus and chocolate notes of Mr Black.
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