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Mr. Black is BackBy Justin HoughBack from vacation, Mr. Black relaxes by the fireside with a lot of Mr. Black and a balance of chocolate and cream with a just a touch of orange.
If You Know, You KnowBy swallace160If you’re in love with Falernum syrup that has a robust coffee kick, you’re going to love this! It’s a deliciously drinkable tiki cocktail with character and joy! With Falernum syrup being a staple of many tiki cocktail drinks, this cocktail recreates it’s spicy, zesty and tart combinations with the toffee and baking spices from the rum, the citrus notes from the lime juice, and the fruity sweetness of the gooseberry syrup. When you add the smoky earthiness of the mezcal, it blends together to enhance the bold coffee flavor of Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liquor. Since Australia, Mexico and Jamaica are home to multiple species of parrots and are the origins of the spirits used, the Parrot Tiki Mug was only fitting as a tribute. Cheers!
Chocolate Orange Old FashionedBy astorandluxPutting a creative spin on the classic old fashioned recipe, we played with this drink's flavour balance: sweet oleo sacchreum is balanced with bitters and Mr Black and a strong botanical rum that is reminiscent of a mulled wine. This drink pairs brilliantly with chocolate, and puts us in mind of the British classic holiday stocking stuffer, a Chocolate Orange!
Mr. Black, Meet the Little Green DragonBy SharonCohenCooksThis cocktail brings me outside, sitting around a fire pit, toasting marshmallows on a cold December night. You will feel warm from the inside out with this drink!
Spiced coffee sourBy DHIRAJ.RAJANI31The perfection of the sour cocktail template, along with the aroma of coffee and the deliciousness of Indian spices!
Italian Flips into a CantinaBy lebsteinThis surprisingly bright cocktail, is light and refreshing. Orange Juice ingredient and the expression of the orange peel make this a surprising light any time drink.
High Powered RevolverBy carterclint1A slightly hotter and much more funky version of a Revolver. This drink has nice warmth thanks to bonded bourbon and interesting spice from dark Guyanese blended rum and angostura bitters. This rendition is still reminiscent of the original thanks to orange bitters and Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.
Mr FlipBy zprn9001A take on the flip, using brown butter fat-washed rum! Rich, butterscotchy, coffee-y, tasty!
Big Jay McClaneBy Compa Coffee RoastersAn ode to my favorite holiday hero, John McClane. When you need a drink that'll help you save Nakitomi plaza, this is the sweetened, coffee based soda you want.
Espresso NegroniBy nwbergstedtA rich, robust dessert cocktail that preserves the legacy of the Negroni while treating the drinker to a roasted caffeinated buzz.
Mayan Mocha MartiniBy AlchemixIf you want to spice up your morning coffee, you order a Mayan mocha. It's a little spicy, a little sweet, and a lot delicious. Mr. Black transitions this morning pick-me-up into an evening delight.
Mr. LumberjackBy SG & DavidDo you need a new favorite cocktail to sip on this winter? Look no further than this caffeinated take on an old-fashioned, matured with smoke and maple syrup for a lumberjack-inspired twist. Kick off your boots, throw on a flannel, and sip on this warming drink to soothe your brawny soul!
Rum Coffee AlexanderBy koktailmeisterIt may be summer down here in 🐨land but it’s been cool and rainy ☔️ so it is the perfect opportunity to mix up some drinks with cream: 🥛 The Rum Coffee Alexander
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