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Spiced coffee sourBy DHIRAJ.RAJANI31The perfection of the sour cocktail template, along with the aroma of coffee and the deliciousness of Indian spices!
Italian Flips into a CantinaBy lebsteinThis surprisingly bright cocktail, is light and refreshing. Orange Juice ingredient and the expression of the orange peel make this a surprising light any time drink.
Mayan Mocha MartiniBy AlchemixIf you want to spice up your morning coffee, you order a Mayan mocha. It's a little spicy, a little sweet, and a lot delicious. Mr. Black transitions this morning pick-me-up into an evening delight.
Two tripsBy Mr. BringsadrinkA coffee cocktail that I can imagine sipping in some far-away cafe. The brandy base gets picked up by the bitter orange from the dry curacao and contrasts with the sweet, syrupy almond flavors from the amaretto, all wrapped in delicious, dark coffee. The added texture from the egg white smooths down the bite from the brandy and gives us a great visual of our cappuccino "foam".
Manifest DestinyBy nathan.blubaugh08The bold fruit and nut flavors of the liqueurs can be overpowering in a cocktail. Used both in moderation and combination creates a rich and aromatic mixture. Combined with the esters in the rum and you have the start to a tiki drink. But using Mr Black instead of a citrus plays off the earthy flavors of the drink slightly pushing the fruitiness to background.
Night SchoolBy jmlacourWhether working or teaching this after hours pick me up offers a subtle upfront sweetness followed by a kick of coffee and ginger spice on the finish as you wrap up a busy day
Santa’s Little HelperBy doglasseImagine sitting by the fire with your favorite peppermint sugar cookie and a cup of coffee. Leave one of these for Santa and you’re sure to end up on the nice list!
Amoretti AffogatoBy David CashInspired by the Italian espresso and gelato after dinner dessert as well as the almond amoretti biscuits traditionally served with Italian coffee.
Café CachéBy steelmagnumA smooth blend of coffee, almond, and toasted cereal notes, and topped with creamy hazelnut whipped cream. I recommend trying a few sips as is to get the full appreciation of the coffee and nut flavours before finally stirring everything together to finish with a more decadent creamy cocktail that more accentuates the hazelnut flavours
The Nutty CubanBy Jake DolmanWe all know that Cubans love coffee, with this cocktail it will make them go nuts
i-DunnoBy tracy.hallRich and Complex; hard to define - i dunno...
The OverachieverBy james__wilkinsonDesperate to break away from the normal bittersweet template for coffee cocktails, this tall drink embraces unexpected acidity and herbaceousness.