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Mention It AllBy biancavillachristineA classic espresso martini with a coco(a)nut twist. Named “Mention It All” (ala Bethenny Frankel) because nothing makes me want to stir the pot more than an espresso martini.
Mediterranean Espresso MartiniBy antamisanastasiouioannisClassic espresso martini with one more ingredient, mastic. Mastic is the aromatic natural resin extracted from the mastic tree, which is mostly grown in Chios.
Black deathBy terrile.massimilianoTo welcome the Christmas festivities a hot serve base on Mr. Black and cognac with a touch of absinthe and a warm background of banana
Wake Up LateBy happy.christopherdayThese days it’s hard to wake up and choose between a cold brew or an old fashioned. So I just decided to put them together (and weep gently to myself).
Black PearlBy jacqueminrath99May I present you my new creation that I created for the contest of a famous coffee brend in france, cafe richard. Hop you Like it.
Black FerrariBy prod.byajdMy cocktail incorporates the Ferrari shot (equal parts Fernet Branca and Campari) as part of its base alongside Del Maguey Vida Mezcal. Rounding out the herbal bitterness of the amari and the smoke of the mezcal, Mr. Black sings in this drink as a perfect compliment to each ingredient throughout, with the Mole Bitters tying everything together. The oils from the grapefruit peel add a bright, yet subtle citrus note with each sip. I hope you enjoy. Thank you!
Hazel Not LatteBy jamesacampbell007Rich and nutty, Mr Black coffee liqueur pairs magically with lingering hazelnut. A velvety and full bodied dessert cocktail.
Spicy Mr. FosterBy doglasseA balanced spin on a classic old fashioned. Starts with spice, coffee and orange and finishes with caramelized banana. One of the smoothest old fashioneds I have ever had.
C.C.O.By mattdfrenchCoffee, Chocolate and Orange, flavours made for each other! Sipping through the Aperol foam and getting that hit of Mr Black with chocolatey and orange undertones gives you an experience that brings excitement to your palate!
Morning MaryBy Justin HoughA riff on the Bloody Mary, the Morning Mary spices up the day with rye bourbon, Mr. Black, egg whites, the mild, yet full bodied, Cholula hot sauce and bacon flavored rim salt. Enjoy!
Espress YourselfBy christopherrhoden54An espresso martini, incorporating tropical flavors and fresh herbaceous smoke. Back up with dry notes of coffee, cocoa bitters, and real espresso.
The Oak and HoldBy chrisshane3Very nice and sweet tequila with orange with nice under tones of coffee with slight earth tones from the Cynar! Good aromatics from the orange juice and the bitters with coffee notes and tequila.
After Dinner SmashBy bowser.samuelInspired by the Whiskey Smash, this cocktail brings you notes of oak, cinnamon apple, and espresso. Enjoy by a campfire or indulge in its sweetness after a late night out.
London NightclubBy jasonsorgeIf I was in a nightclub and wanted to turn it up to eleven, this is the drink that would take me there. The Navy Strength Gin (Sipsmith VJOP) paired with the complexity of Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur are at the heart of this libation. Pair this with a touch of Branca Menta and Cold Brew Coffee and you have a delightful mix of components that will keep you steady and rolling as you dance the night away! Raise a glass!
Purple HueBy hschumacher"Purple Hue" is best described as a spectrum of colours between Red & Blue. The colours are as distinct as the flavours in this, both blending together and standing out on their own.
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