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A Pine Day for CoffeeBy aundrerA tropical, easy summer drinking cocktail with a coffee twist. How pine is this one?
The Cold SmoulderBy Tim PrestonA deliciously smooth, decadent drink with a smokey complexity. Spice notes work super well with the coffee in this drink, with a subtle smoke flavour underneath.
Coffee NogBy pjstinky14Eggnog for the coffee lover, if you enjoy a good Christmassy nog and a good coffee you will love this combo.
Santa’s Little HelperBy doglasseImagine sitting by the fire with your favorite peppermint sugar cookie and a cup of coffee. Leave one of these for Santa and you’re sure to end up on the nice list!
Savage Cinnamon CoffeeBy austina7fThis cocktail uses an ingredient that goes surprisingly well together apple and coffee. I add the fireball to add some more sweetness and the cinnamon flavour which I believe brings it all together!!
Mr. Gingerbread ManBy vp881A delicious dessert cocktail inspired by the flavours of Christmas. Created to get you into the spirit and keep you up late enough to see Santa.
Surprised BlissBy Michael_agudeloCoffee, strawberry, spice rum and coconut and milk drink all in one. This is definitely a treat to sip on.
Coffee by the FireBy JoshMy take on the cocktail "Fire side chat". Upon taking a sip you're hit by the coffee from the Mr Black followed by the spices of the rum and vanilla which is then finished out by the woody flavours of the walnut bitters, with a hint of Cinnamon running through the drink. This combination of flavours makes for the perfect warming drink to enjoy on a cold evening by the fire.
Hey NegritaBy thorpe_harryI wanted to make a short coffee based cocktail for our menu and call it the "Negrita". The name and concept popped into my head before the actual recipe one day during a shift. When I came to actually mixing the drink I wanted to include the Benedictine with the Mr Black and Chocolate bitters, it was after work however and a colleague was playing out some Rolling Stones over the speakers, their 1976 Black and Blue Album. The track Hey Negrita played and its funky, fun, reggae influenced guitar riff made me want to encapsulate this into a cocktail. The addition of cherry rum made it fruitier and easy going while still being complex. The songs first lines of "Move your body, move your mouth" made me think of something to get people dancing so a shot of espresso went in too for a caffeine hit. The resulting drink is tasty, but a transition drink, you have one before hitting the floor for a boogy.
Smoked EggnogBy ChysayehA light twist on an old classic I whipped up for the bar I work at. Brown sugar and holiday spiced whisky, spiced rum, eggnog, nutmeg, torched cinnamon and rosemary, and of course Mr. Black.
Low TideBy kyle.a.miller62This is my island variation on the Mudslide. Coffee liquor goes great with spiced rum and the creamy RumChata from my home state of Wisconsin make this my preferred dessert drink.
DilemmaBy marcrothemundThe heat of the ginger and bold flavour of Mr Black pack a punch, but are mellowed by the soft, earthy notes of the reposado tequila and sweetened ever so slightly by the spiced rum and it's rich cocoa notes, in this easy sipping after dinner cocktail.
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