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Laugh Like YouBy Twig CapraInspired by the dual perspectives of “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas, my love for the bittersweet and basic Espresso Martini and a near masochistic obsession with flip cocktails, the ‘Laugh Like You’ is a decadent cocktail that opens with the scent of fresh espresso, contains notes of butter, coconut, and vanilla and finishes with a slightly dry nuttiness.
Triple Orange Espresso MartiniBy Just Shake or StirInspired by the beautiful combination of chocolate and orange, I wanted to turn these flavours into a liquid enjoyment. The cocktail is refreshing with prominent coffee flavour from MR Black Liqueur and settle citrus notes on the back end. A smooth texture, warm kick and slightly sweet with bitter notes. An excellent after-dinner cocktail or a party drink.
Chocolate Orange Old FashionedBy astorandluxPutting a creative spin on the classic old fashioned recipe, we played with this drink's flavour balance: sweet oleo sacchreum is balanced with bitters and Mr Black and a strong botanical rum that is reminiscent of a mulled wine. This drink pairs brilliantly with chocolate, and puts us in mind of the British classic holiday stocking stuffer, a Chocolate Orange!
Salted Caramel DaiquiriBy you_can_do_it_Despite containing no caramel, the nutty and smooth sweetness combine to make the unmistakable flavour of buttery caramel. Like a refreshing werthers original with a chaser of saltiness that makes you desperate for another sip.
Divisive ChristmasBy Jenner VEggnog can be a divisive drink come Christmas time, so why not throw a little coffee in there so the whole family will love it?
AvocoffeeBy alexis.berger.01In areas of Mexico, people often eat avocados sprinkled with rum and/or sugar for a simple dessert and in South Asia avocados are eaten as a shake with milk and sugar and sometimes coffee. These ideas all come together in this cocktail affectionately called, the Avocoffee.
Ginger NoirBy Cocktail Queen of Mount TamborineMy Husband & Friends, Eddy & Laura were blown away with this unusual combo, as you sip you are graced with a hit of coffee, followed by a hint of ginger with a body of coconut, all round totally Delicious. I love this combination & I don't drink coffee......yipeeeeeeeee
Oh Beans and BeesBy richarddubusThe shot is inspired by my Twitch show where my chat loves bees, and I say beans when I mess up. The rum is added with the coffee liqueur to add a nice complex taste. The honey syrup in the end will put a sweet and delicate coat of flavor.