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A Holiday in TurkeyBy maeganmifflinDelight your taste buds and join me for A Holiday in Turkey. This cardamom inspired cocktail is a riff on a Turkish style coffee. It's smooth, not too sweet, with a velvety texture and a surprising note of chocolate.
Irish LattiniBy victoriaAs a big latte drinker, I was looking for a richer mouthfeel than you get from a traditional Espresso Martini, but something that still let the complex coffee flavors of Mr Black shine. So came up with this richer variation. Whilst the ingredients are not very original, using Irish Whiskey rather than Vodka compliments the Baileys perfectly and adds some extra backbone to the cocktail. The end result is perfectly balanced and does not fall into the trap of some other super sweet Baileys or cream based cocktails... the coffee is still very much the hero here.
Mr.B’s Noggin The NogBy gabymlynarczykA mash up between a Guinness flip and a caffeinated egg nog. Enjoy for breakfast to wake up your wee noggins or anytime you're in need of liquid sustenance. Best made in batches to please the troops.
Long Ireland Ice TeaBy meteormickI'm so happy with how this turned out. A refreshing long fruity drink which transforms thanks to Mr Black. It contains Irish Whisky and the best tea of! Much more respectable than the Long Island Ice Tea, it has just 2.1 standard drinks. For an even lower abv version, use 15ml or 1/2 oz of each ingredient, top with soda, stir a little and lastly top with the bitters. The soda version is sweeter and lighter. Other bitters work well but Peychauds complemented the drink extremely well. Others I tried, added a different dimension instead.
Imaginary ButtonsBy Suze Q“Can’t you see that I’m losing my marbles, it’s marvelous...” Indulge in the bliss of this banana Irish coffee, with cardamom and pistachio!
Easy Like Sunday MorningBy frank.delacruz310This is the cocktail equivalent of enjoying a shortbread cookie and a cafe au lait on a brisk autumn morning with the one you love.
Mr. Casey’s CoffeeBy Johno SawyerRich, Smooth, Espresso and Subtle Chocolate. Beer Infused Cocktail.
Kiernan CoffeeBy akiernan3698Simple, accessible and delicious, on the sweeter side, but still utilizes those deep coffee notes. Best described as: Liquid Coffee Ice Cream
The HarbombBy framptonlThis recipe is named after my friend Matt Harbaugh as it contains some of his favorite things. Coffee, Jameson, and more liquor.