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Black CognacBy howardja9A twist on a Spanish-style carajillo (coffee with brandy). Adds chocolate and jagermeister to add some intrigue to the flavor.
Coffee House PunchBy tdbrantRooted in historic punch style but updated with Mr. Black to keep the party going.
Señor NoirBy gfoley16Combining some of the highest quality spirits from Mexico and France Mr. Black brings this well rounded boozy cocktail together think Manhattan meets Sidecar meets old fashioned
Café LoompaBy mshintyEvery year my wife makes a liqueur during Lent, an old Breton recipe which combines coffee and orange in light rum. I have used that as inspiration for this recipe, adding cognac and orgeat for another layer of French flavours. Why Café Loompa? This seems the right drink for magical folk - it won't turn your skin orange and your hair green, but it will make your shift in the chocolate factory fly by!
Island Hi-LoBy mshintyMost days I am a morning coffee drinker, so I was drawn to the idea of bringing breakfast flavors into a recipe. The citrus brightness, the piquancy of pineapple, and the hint of cinnamon nicely complement the layered coffee intensity of Mr. Black and a shot of espresso. The Island Hi-Lo is the taste of morning, energizing and relaxing both, the perfect way to set your course for a great day.
Santa’s Little HelperBy 93PROOF_VICLooking for that sweet Holiday cocktail? This coffee cocktail comes with a hint of hint of chocolate, a few drops of orange flower water, and a good kick of Peppermint. The perfect treat for Santa after a long night of work!
Dirty ChaicapBy carterclint1A dirty chai in nightcap form. Spices from the chai infused gin and amaro complement the Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. All of the ingredients get a little boozy boost from VSOP cognac.
Mintnight JoeBy SharonCohenCooksThis cocktail brings me to a grand room with a fireplace at the end of a Winter’s day. The Cognac and the mint play perfectly with Mr. Black to create a boozy easy drinking nightcap
Elder DragonBy khangdouaSome things just don’t seem like it’ll work out, until you try it. Somewhat of a cross between coffee and tea.
Black deathBy terrile.massimilianoTo welcome the Christmas festivities a hot serve base on Mr. Black and cognac with a touch of absinthe and a warm background of banana
Vieux BateauBy sl.etterInspired by the Mr. Black Negroni and the Moneygun’s Mai Tai Riff, this is my take on a tropical Vieux Carre.
Mr. Black Pour OverBy carterclint1This drink was inspired by my love for Ethiopian coffee pour overs. This origin of coffee is usually light and tea-like with bright fruit flavors. The light bodied VSOP cognac in combination with Mr. Black and a smidge of maraschino liqueur made for a tasty and boozy riff on Ethiopian coffee. The aromatics from the bitters and twists reminded me of the bright fruit aromas that I love in an Ethiopian pour over.
Black Lavender LatteBy Savidge KitchenThe Black Lavender Latte is delectable and drinkable any season of the year. The bold coffee flavor comes purely from Mr. Black coffee liqueur, satisfying any coffee lover's craving. Then, the floral notes of the lavender, and slight spice of the cognac combine beautifully in this boozy spin on a latte. The Black Lavender Latter will always leave you warm and ready for the next round. Cheers!
Terry’s TiniBy rauraidh555Terry's Chocolate Orange meets the Espresso Martini