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Chai With My FriendsBy rstayl26Chai With My Friends is inspired by the classic Espresso Martini. I used a homemade chai spice blend and made the after-hours version of my favorite coffee drink: the Dirty Chai Latte. Pearl Vanilla Bean Vodka and heavy whipping cream help blend and sweeten the spices without adding any extra sugar, making it perfect to enjoy anytime.
Vietnamese Coffee MartiniBy lingandtonicVietnamese coffee is an amazing caffeine heavy coffee made with espresso and condensed milk. What better way to celebrate my culture than turning it into a cocktail.
Black ForestBy slopescaleMe and Mr. Black baked up this delicious Black Forest cocktail based on the famous cake. It's sweet, decadent and a perfect desert when you are too full for cake or just thirsty for a sweet drink.
BlackrootBy David CashNamed after two of the main ingredients in the drink as well as the chewable stick seen in the 1988 movie 'Willow', this drink is light, refreshing and saves a hit of coffee for last in each sip. FYI, the chewy root in the movie was actually vanilla pods which inspired me to switch to vanilla vodka from straight vodka.
Coffee Cake BruleeBy AlchemixWe know that there isn't actually coffee in a coffee cake. But you're supposed to drink coffee with it, right? This cocktail combines the two in a rich cocktail perfect for dessert...or breakfast.
O.M.CBy Daniel AMilks favorite cookie just found a new partner, Mr. Black. A boozy twist on the classic cookies and cream combination. The Perfect cocktail for Oreo lovers and coffee lovers.
Modified Double “D”By doglasseThe original double "D" was a cocktail created for us on a cruise a few years back by 2 bartenders whose names started with D. The original included some rather unique and hard to find ingredients. The modified version is my attempt to recreate with more available ingredients, and the result is a wonderful balance between an espresso and a chocolate martini with just a hint of chili to tie the flavors together.
The Coffee TigerBy Tim KirklandThe "Coffee Tiger" plays like a cub, but bites like a tiger! It combines flavors of coffee, chocolate, orange and vanilla to resemble a "Black Russian ", only more complex.