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Rum Barrel WinterBy charlieburris2Bringing together the vanilla and caramel notes of Demerara rum, the warming bitterness of Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur and Cynar, and the smoky, citrusy notes of falernum, the Rum Barrel Winter is a Negroni-style, tropical-tinged winter warmer that replenishes the soul.
Breakfast RumgroniBy tjcocktailclubI LOVE boozy bunch drinks. I wanted to make something Negroni-ish, but richer (hence the Demerara Dum) and with strong breakfasty vibes (coffee and fruit). That said, it works really well as a digestif. Salud!
High Powered RevolverBy carterclint1A slightly hotter and much more funky version of a Revolver. This drink has nice warmth thanks to bonded bourbon and interesting spice from dark Guyanese blended rum and angostura bitters. This rendition is still reminiscent of the original thanks to orange bitters and Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.
Light roastBy raillikowallFor this concept I wanted to do a play on my favorite breakfast. A bowl of Rice Krispies with yogurt and drizzles of maple syrup and honey with a cup of bright, lightly roasted coffee. The final product is rich but with a perfect acidity to make it very easy to drink.
Coffee on the BeachBy Gin Before BreakfastA coconut riff on an espresso martini - perfect for brunch and beyond.
Black, No CreamBy carterclint1A Manhattan variation with bitterness from amaro, coffee notes from Mr. Black Cold Brew liqueur, and funkiness from dark Jamaican rum.
Cafè Cherry ColaBy DamianLet's get fizzy and pop open a bottle of the good ol' days. Take a sip and enjoy an instant buzz of cherry, followed with some sweet cola vibes. Huh, what's that!? Bang. Cold Brew goodness in the credits. This cocktail was first created about 10 minutes ago in my backyard. Enjoy, with a cherry on top!