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B, B, B & BBy kristianabudaBrandy...Benedictine...Mr.Black, oh my! This wonderful twist on a simple go-to classic enhances the way you enjoy a standard B&B. Have an excessive amounts of bitters? Toss ‘em in! Did you purchase too many berries in your last supermarket run? Cut ‘em up and use them as a garnish! As the saying goes, the more B’s, the better.
Hey NegritaBy thorpe_harryI wanted to make a short coffee based cocktail for our menu and call it the "Negrita". The name and concept popped into my head before the actual recipe one day during a shift. When I came to actually mixing the drink I wanted to include the Benedictine with the Mr Black and Chocolate bitters, it was after work however and a colleague was playing out some Rolling Stones over the speakers, their 1976 Black and Blue Album. The track Hey Negrita played and its funky, fun, reggae influenced guitar riff made me want to encapsulate this into a cocktail. The addition of cherry rum made it fruitier and easy going while still being complex. The songs first lines of "Move your body, move your mouth" made me think of something to get people dancing so a shot of espresso went in too for a caffeine hit. The resulting drink is tasty, but a transition drink, you have one before hitting the floor for a boogy.
Chilean CoffeeBy briancaballes_87This drink is a summer and Tiki inspired mix with coffee notes as the backbone of the drink. Chilean Pisco, D.O.M. Benedictine and orgeat (almond syrup) are great combinations and Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur made it even more tasty thanks to its bittersweet coffee essence.