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Smokey EspressoBy MarndizzA peated, smokey tasting espresso martini made with quality ingredients!
Gramercy SunsetBy MuhlhauserInspired by a cocktail I had in Manhattan one time, but elevated. Nice for after dinner, the tequila plays off of the Mr. Black perfectly, supported by the bitterness and sweetness of the other ingredients. Complex yet not too heavy.
Mr Black’s CoconutsBy kaz74pThis easy to drink martini highlights the smooth Mr Black flavour with the undertones of coconut.
Her MajestyBy 93PROOF_VICDeep herbal and citrus notes,, with the right amount of sweet. Why not get a little fancy with this Gin based coffee cocktail?
Spasm (Zero Waste Cocktail)By mikeymcd86This cocktail is essentially a pumpkin spice espresso martini. I was inspired to make a zero-waste pumpkin spice skyrup (skin+syrup) using the leftover skins from a roasted pumpkin. Recipe below.
Mr.B’s Noggin The NogBy gabymlynarczykA mash up between a Guinness flip and a caffeinated egg nog. Enjoy for breakfast to wake up your wee noggins or anytime you're in need of liquid sustenance. Best made in batches to please the troops.
New LeafBy jd212016Creamy, decadent, packed with fall flavors and a touch of smoke.
Mr. Bee’sBy Nelis-vbThe intense and rich flavors of Mr Black with the strong sensation of cold brewed espresso, all combined with the smooth taste of dark rum and the subtle sweetness of honey. The whole forms the perfect combination of a full and rich flavorish, but also smooth cocktail with a touch of honey bee sweetness...
Cafe ColadaBy DHIRAJ.RAJANI31Get relaxed, and invigorated at the beach all at the same time!
The Story Of Three BeansBy yura.brygidyrTruly a delightful sipper! Star of the show Mr. Black, brings robust spices and chocolate notes. The scotch adds smoke and maltiness, while the Luxardo Maraschino delivers cherry notes and the lemon zest makes for a bit of brightness. Besides, each ingredient highlights particular flavour profile of three types of beans that are roasted separately - light-medium roast (chocolate, toffee, fruity notes), Papua New Guinea roast (citrus) and Arabica (cold brew vibes). That’s where the cocktail name comes from. Enjoy it with friends and family next to the fireplace.
Long Ireland Ice TeaBy meteormickI'm so happy with how this turned out. A refreshing long fruity drink which transforms thanks to Mr Black. It contains Irish Whisky and the best tea of! Much more respectable than the Long Island Ice Tea, it has just 2.1 standard drinks. For an even lower abv version, use 15ml or 1/2 oz of each ingredient, top with soda, stir a little and lastly top with the bitters. The soda version is sweeter and lighter. Other bitters work well but Peychauds complemented the drink extremely well. Others I tried, added a different dimension instead.
Black and GreenBy walter.farrisThis espresso-tonic-inspired enhancement dances along an array of tasting notes to provide a drinking experience of simple complexity. Among this intersection of flavors yields an all-encompassing journey of semi-sweet coffee roast, vibrant herbaceous hums, aptly bitter effervescent tonic, and whispers of guilt-free dark chocolate. The resulting refreshingly indulgent flavors collaborate in cohesion to suggest environments of a friendly weekend brunch outing, as well as the post-dinner sweet tooth satisfaction. With its dynamic showcase, the Black and Green grasps its drinker’s attention and curiosity while maintaining an encouraging drinkability for the rounds to come. Cheers, and enjoy! 😊🍻
Svegliami, Putein de madreBy nsa49This drink certainly lives up to its name, the first part uses Italian for “wake me up” and the second part uses French for “fuck me up.” Drawing inspiration from multiple cocktails this slightly sweet beverage has a subtle thickness from the cream which carries in the coffee and hazelnut, following with the green chartreuse and a brief Campari finish. I personally like to go back and forth between the espresso and the cocktail. *Vegan substitute for cream, I recommend oat milk.
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