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The Little Winter WarmerBy alexmacdonald_844For this time of year it has all the perfect ingredients to get the festivities going
The SkrewyBy justinevns5Simple, but amazingly good. If you’re into peanut butter, whiskey, and coffee, then this is your cocktail!
Easy Like Sunday MorningBy frank.delacruz310This is the cocktail equivalent of enjoying a shortbread cookie and a cafe au lait on a brisk autumn morning with the one you love.
The Black ForestBy @tipsynomadDesigned to put the Mr Black at the centre whilst using the flavours of a classic Black Forest Gateaux to accent its profile. Cherry Brandy brings lighter cherry notes while Balsazar Red Vermouth adds a deeper layer of natural red fruit flavours. The Amaro Montenegro herbal sweetness accentuates the chocolate flavours of the Mr Black while Courvoisier adds that archetypal boozy hit at the bottom of the gateaux. A maraschino cherry drenched in syrup is a must of a garnish and worth stirring with if you want to add a little extra sweetness. It’s an elegant dessert cocktail with simplicity and depth of flavour.
Born BitterBy servedbysoberonA drink I designed to celebrate the transition of the seasons. Still very autumnal, but absolutely ready to embrace winter. Be careful with the Tabasco btw, it really has to be a single small drop (not a dash!), or it will completely overpower the other flavors.
BlackrootBy David CashNamed after two of the main ingredients in the drink as well as the chewable stick seen in the 1988 movie 'Willow', this drink is light, refreshing and saves a hit of coffee for last in each sip. FYI, the chewy root in the movie was actually vanilla pods which inspired me to switch to vanilla vodka from straight vodka.
The Czech MateBy Karl TEastern Europe meets Steve’s homeland in a cocktail I created named after the two spirits country of origin
Brazilian MidnightBy gcubeinvestWith the organic Agricole taste of Cachaça mixing with the bittersweet aroma of Coffee, this cocktail will indulge your taste buds and all the senses. Please enjoy the drink responsibly
Light roastBy raillikowallFor this concept I wanted to do a play on my favorite breakfast. A bowl of Rice Krispies with yogurt and drizzles of maple syrup and honey with a cup of bright, lightly roasted coffee. The final product is rich but with a perfect acidity to make it very easy to drink.
Black WidowBy gluskabarakA coffee/Bourbon twist on the classic white lady. Dominant coffee flavour, complimented by the bourbon's sweetness
Coffee on the BeachBy Gin Before BreakfastA coconut riff on an espresso martini - perfect for brunch and beyond.
The InternationalBy michael.godekThis slightly sweet, complex cocktail is the perfect after-dinner drink. The candied vanilla, spice, and raisin flavors of the Licor 43 and Averna are balanced nicely with the bold, dark flavors of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, all while building on top of the rich foundation of Añejo Tequila. It's name comes from the diverse international locations each of the spirits come from -- Mexico, Italy, Australia, and Spain.
Mr. CocoBy abitetteThis take on a boozy hot chocolate will get you in the holiday spirit this season.
Savage Cinnamon CoffeeBy austina7fThis cocktail uses an ingredient that goes surprisingly well together apple and coffee. I add the fireball to add some more sweetness and the cinnamon flavour which I believe brings it all together!!
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