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Black RubyBy dasaxmanA combination of bold flavours creates a well-balanced drink, far more than the sum of its parts.
Cinnamon Coffee CocktailBy alonperetz2001Excellent cocktail for the morning. The sweetness of the cinnamon syrop and the rye whiskey go well together
Sweet RussianBy Ricardo Cardosothis is a sweet version of the white russian that i worked out and hope you enjoy it, unfortunatly i didn't have Mr.Black but a coffee liqueur will do but not as good because Mr.Black it's stronger thanks for making my drink hope you enjoy it follow me on @pretend.bartender
Black MambaBy chaddaustinA blend of rum, coffee, and exotic fruit juices.
Morning WoodBy orleanschrisIt tastes like a boozy coffee milkshake and is perfect for a weekend morning to go along with your brunch!
The Dirty ChaiBy domhnallbyrnesOne sip and youโ€™re going to already be planning your next Dirty Chai....
Up, Up! And Away!!!By joan.v.2001Light and refreshing take on espresso martini, perfect for the holiday season (or year round, your call)
Wake me up ShirleyBy James HarryThis fiery take on the classic Shirley Temple mocktail exists, largely due to my Mum's love of ginger. The aroma of rosemary tickles your nose as you first sip, the ginger warms you as the coffee hits you, and helps keep you up. Perfect for cold winter nights, after a large dinner, and best consumed with good company and a roaring fire.
No TimeBy alexmacdonald_844This drink came to me this morning .I was rushing to get to work and I almost did not have enough time to eat all my breakfast. So I drank my coffee and ate my jam and toast together very fast ,as I was heading out the door,I found the flavour of raspberry jam and coffee tasting very nice together ๐Ÿ˜‹. This is my take on those flavours ๐Ÿ˜€ Enjoy folks
Maybe StoutBy Deanbuchanan027I created this serve to replicate a stout with using mr black and a spirit I made from white chocolate and using different botanicals to add bitter , sweet and textual notes.
Daga DaycareBy dominic.zealThis drink came into being when I was asked to devise a menu for a role playing event, set in a court of noble houses. All of whom are vying for control and influence. House Daga are known for their frequent use of poison. But rest assured they will serve you it in a delicious drink.
The Mandarin JavaBy alexmacdonald_844Well this is just another lovely surprise Mandarin and coffee together .who would of known it tasted so good until you try it .once you do you be sure to making many more .
Hey NegritaBy thorpe_harryI wanted to make a short coffee based cocktail for our menu and call it the "Negrita". The name and concept popped into my head before the actual recipe one day during a shift. When I came to actually mixing the drink I wanted to include the Benedictine with the Mr Black and Chocolate bitters, it was after work however and a colleague was playing out some Rolling Stones over the speakers, their 1976 Black and Blue Album. The track Hey Negrita played and its funky, fun, reggae influenced guitar riff made me want to encapsulate this into a cocktail. The addition of cherry rum made it fruitier and easy going while still being complex. The songs first lines of "Move your body, move your mouth" made me think of something to get people dancing so a shot of espresso went in too for a caffeine hit. The resulting drink is tasty, but a transition drink, you have one before hitting the floor for a boogy.
The Drambuie BlackBy amolluso66The subtle spice, citrus and toffee notes of drambuie go hand in hand with mr black in this delicious cocktail!
Dirty Chai MartiniBy tristan.newboldIf a dirty chai is your coffee of choice you'll absolutely love this one!! If you'd like to come and try my original cocktail, they're being served up at Canon Food Bar Espresso 7 days a week. Hope you enjoy! - Tristan
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