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Mr. LicorBy MegankellyczajkaA sweet and spicy dessert cocktail inspired by the Hernandez!
The Smooth SailorBy dragoo96The Smooth Sailor gets its smooth and complex coffee flavour from Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur and has highlights all the ingredients used. Even though it has a rich and front forward coffee base, the addition of rum, and orgeat adds depth and character that compliments coffee and chocolate. Almost reminiscent of a latte with cream. For those wanting a more chocolatey flavour profile add more chocolate bitters in!
Breakfast RumgroniBy tjcocktailclubI LOVE boozy bunch drinks. I wanted to make something Negroni-ish, but richer (hence the Demerara Dum) and with strong breakfasty vibes (coffee and fruit). That said, it works really well as a digestif. Salud!
Espresso NegroniBy nwbergstedtA rich, robust dessert cocktail that preserves the legacy of the Negroni while treating the drinker to a roasted caffeinated buzz.
Black & GoldBy HarleyElegant and Smokey with coffee notes, a slight bitterness and an added shimmer of gold.
The Black ForestBy @tipsynomadDesigned to put the Mr Black at the centre whilst using the flavours of a classic Black Forest Gateaux to accent its profile. Cherry Brandy brings lighter cherry notes while Balsazar Red Vermouth adds a deeper layer of natural red fruit flavours. The Amaro Montenegro herbal sweetness accentuates the chocolate flavours of the Mr Black while Courvoisier adds that archetypal boozy hit at the bottom of the gateaux. A maraschino cherry drenched in syrup is a must of a garnish and worth stirring with if you want to add a little extra sweetness. It’s an elegant dessert cocktail with simplicity and depth of flavour.
Southern Cross SunriseBy repele.andreaThe ideal sunrise is when you join coffee with nice balanced herbal notes. The gin-scotch combo is perfectly paired with Mr Black, and this newly formed cocktail will hug your mouth until new energies will run through your body. Enjoy!
Daga DaycareBy dominic.zealThis drink came into being when I was asked to devise a menu for a role playing event, set in a court of noble houses. All of whom are vying for control and influence. House Daga are known for their frequent use of poison. But rest assured they will serve you it in a delicious drink.
The City That Never SleepsBy cameron.defurA spin on a Manhattan the emphasizes Mr. Black's coffee flavor to help you keep the party going all night long in the greatest city in the world!