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Caffe del OllaBy blindtomInspired by the Mexican coffee of the same name a spiced coffee cocktail using Mexico's famous agave spirits.
Spatial AwarenessBy carterclint1I’ve always loved the structure of a Sazerac. It’s one of the few drinks that are traditionally served in a chilled old-fashioned glass without ice, giving the drink more of a spatial experience. This is my inspiration for this cocktail, which has agave notes from a lightly smoky mezcal, bittersweet flavors from coffee liqueur and amaro, and bright citrus from orange bitters and expressed orange peel. The drink has light smoky aroma both from the mezcal and a smoked earl grey and rye tincture.
Smokey Joe.By sheadmyers1A smoky island blend that pairs pineapple and almond flavors that highlight the rich and savory brewed liquor that is Mr. Black.
Smoky SunsetBy SharonCohenCooksThis boozy drink puts me in front of a fire pit as the sun sets on a crisp Winter's day.
If You Know, You KnowBy swallace160If you’re in love with Falernum syrup that has a robust coffee kick, you’re going to love this! It’s a deliciously drinkable tiki cocktail with character and joy! With Falernum syrup being a staple of many tiki cocktail drinks, this cocktail recreates it’s spicy, zesty and tart combinations with the toffee and baking spices from the rum, the citrus notes from the lime juice, and the fruity sweetness of the gooseberry syrup. When you add the smoky earthiness of the mezcal, it blends together to enhance the bold coffee flavor of Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liquor. Since Australia, Mexico and Jamaica are home to multiple species of parrots and are the origins of the spirits used, the Parrot Tiki Mug was only fitting as a tribute. Cheers!
Black & GoldBy HarleyElegant and Smokey with coffee notes, a slight bitterness and an added shimmer of gold.
Black-Laced MezcalBy stacymann1A smooth and creamy cocktail laced with Mr. Black cold brew coffee liqueur with an initial note of green chartreuse that awakens the chocolate coffee combination.
New LeafBy jd212016Creamy, decadent, packed with fall flavors and a touch of smoke.
Not a Bad Omen!By Santiago CobarCoffee is more than a flavor. It's a culture, a ritual, obsession and a experience. What do rituals help keep you safe from? Bad omens Salud!
Black FerrariBy prod.byajdMy cocktail incorporates the Ferrari shot (equal parts Fernet Branca and Campari) as part of its base alongside Del Maguey Vida Mezcal. Rounding out the herbal bitterness of the amari and the smoke of the mezcal, Mr. Black sings in this drink as a perfect compliment to each ingredient throughout, with the Mole Bitters tying everything together. The oils from the grapefruit peel add a bright, yet subtle citrus note with each sip. I hope you enjoy. Thank you!
Espress YourselfBy christopherrhoden54An espresso martini, incorporating tropical flavors and fresh herbaceous smoke. Back up with dry notes of coffee, cocoa bitters, and real espresso.
Up, Up! And Away!!!By joan.v.2001Light and refreshing take on espresso martini, perfect for the holiday season (or year round, your call)
Migraine MedsBy chadkreutzerInspired by the Penicillin, the Migraine Meds replaces the scotch with Mr. Black and mezcal, and ups the ante a little bit more by using ginger liqueur. If the caffeine doesn't cure your headache, at least you can sleep it off. (I wanted to call it the Excedrine because one of the active ingredients is caffeine, but since it is a brand name...)
Smoking StacheBy jeffrey.mosesA bold smoky complex dark roast in a glass to enjoy responsibly
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