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Mr. LicorBy MegankellyczajkaA sweet and spicy dessert cocktail inspired by the Hernandez!
The Mexican CovfefeBy brennanickThis was born out of my love for coffee and my love for the Macho Manhattan that The Educated Barfly featured last April. That recipe brought Licor 43 back into my life and I felt that it would pair extremely well with Mr. Black. I happened to have a bottle of a very affordable añejo tequila on hand that I felt would be better used in a cocktail than sipped. Once I added in the Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters, I felt like I had a winner and decided to poke fun at the sitting U.S. president with my naming.
Sweetness In SeattleBy sam_markhamThis is a sweet but full bodied cocktail with undertones of maple and vanilla, warmth from the Bourbon whilst allowing the star of the show, the coffee to shine through.
Laugh Like YouBy Twig CapraInspired by the dual perspectives of “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas, my love for the bittersweet and basic Espresso Martini and a near masochistic obsession with flip cocktails, the ‘Laugh Like You’ is a decadent cocktail that opens with the scent of fresh espresso, contains notes of butter, coconut, and vanilla and finishes with a slightly dry nuttiness.
Rum & Vanilla Espresso MartiniBy charliegeorgelangleyThis simple riff on the espresso martini captures the essence of the drink we all know and love, while adding a depth of complex flavour for a more experienced drinker to enjoy. The rich, deep coffee flavour of Mr Black melds beautifully with the vanilla notes of Licor 43 and the complexity of a good aged rum, coming together to liven up the often rather one-note espresso martini, while still remaining true to the original drink. This simple to make, easy to drink cocktail only requires four ingredients, all in equal measures, in the style of the espresso martini.
Smoky SunsetBy SharonCohenCooksThis boozy drink puts me in front of a fire pit as the sun sets on a crisp Winter's day.
Her MajestyBy 93PROOF_VICDeep herbal and citrus notes,, with the right amount of sweet. Why not get a little fancy with this Gin based coffee cocktail?
Café FramboiseBy grantThe bold, robust espresso notes of Mr Black are balanced with the sweetness of the Raspberry and chocolate then wrapped with a luxurious vanilla cream.
The InternationalBy michael.godekThis slightly sweet, complex cocktail is the perfect after-dinner drink. The candied vanilla, spice, and raisin flavors of the Licor 43 and Averna are balanced nicely with the bold, dark flavors of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, all while building on top of the rich foundation of Añejo Tequila. It's name comes from the diverse international locations each of the spirits come from -- Mexico, Italy, Australia, and Spain.
Velvet Tuxedo MartiniBy kala2005Mr. Black gets all dressed up in this delightful combination of sweet and bitter coffee flavors with hints of vanilla.
Oh My Oh My!By alexmacdonald_844This is a cocktail was just made of the cuff And Oh my oh my! It turned out so well 😋.coffee and banana yes please 😋
Coffee & CigarsBy HarleyAn elegant old fashioned style cocktail with a hint of smoke, subtle sweetness and balanced with the rich complexity of cold brew coffee.
Example Recipe – El CafecitaBy Steve the BartenderThe El Cafecita cocktail is inspired by a Cuban style coffee. Featuring dark rum (preferably Cuban) alongside flavours of sweet vanilla and coffee.