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Atomic EspressoBy Lorenz T.This drink is on one hand inspired by the famous quote, that also inspired the Espresso Martini "Wake me up, and then f*** me up." and on the other hand by the Dude's legendary White Russian. This both calls for a simple drink - which this is not - so my recipe is to be understood as a fancy version. If you just want to have a relaxed drink with some friends you're of course welcome to simplify it, swap the purée for a bit more liqueur, the cream for milk, simply shake all the ingredients, do what you gotta do!
Black BrewBy Just Shake or StirWhen you need a coffee to pick you up the Black Coffee is the best solution. But what about if you are out and have the time of your life and feel tired. Well, try this Black Brew cocktail—a warm and slightly bittersweet with a kick and lots of flavours. When you call for a black coffee, try the Black Brew and keep going.
Hazelnut Coffee Old FashionedBy stevekgThe hazelnut and coffee notes in this original old fashioned will have your taste buds yearning for more! Thanks to Mr. Black for making the drink possible!
Manifest DestinyBy nathan.blubaugh08The bold fruit and nut flavors of the liqueurs can be overpowering in a cocktail. Used both in moderation and combination creates a rich and aromatic mixture. Combined with the esters in the rum and you have the start to a tiki drink. But using Mr Black instead of a citrus plays off the earthy flavors of the drink slightly pushing the fruitiness to background.
Salted Caramel DaiquiriBy you_can_do_it_Despite containing no caramel, the nutty and smooth sweetness combine to make the unmistakable flavour of buttery caramel. Like a refreshing werthers original with a chaser of saltiness that makes you desperate for another sip.
InsomniacBy @ebbydranksA silky smooth, coffee forward twist on a classic cocktail featuring Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur.
Mr CreamBy ashley_giboThis cocktail is a creamy nutty flavour with hits of coffee coming through with a velvety texture this is a amazing drink and I personally like drinking it around Christmas time as I think it’s fits the time of year!
Hazel Not LatteBy jamesacampbell007Rich and nutty, Mr Black coffee liqueur pairs magically with lingering hazelnut. A velvety and full bodied dessert cocktail.
The Top or bottomBy alexmacdonald_844Same flavour but two experiences in the same cocktail
9pm Happy HourBy ipsy_This cocktail is a morning delight and a pleasure after dark. The sultry smooth Mr Black espresso balanced against the clean taste of sake is a sweet release on the palate. The orchestra of nutty flavours combined with creaminess will make you sit back feeling cosy and warm inside. A must-try for any coffee and dessert lovers. It'll only last 5 minutes and you'll want another.
Loulou’s SpecialBy antoinebruneau5Loulou's Special is an easy to drink, more on the sweet side cocktail. It tastes like if Starbuck opened a bar and you could order an alcoholic version of your fancy morning starter. Cheers!
Modified Double “D”By doglasseThe original double "D" was a cocktail created for us on a cruise a few years back by 2 bartenders whose names started with D. The original included some rather unique and hard to find ingredients. The modified version is my attempt to recreate with more available ingredients, and the result is a wonderful balance between an espresso and a chocolate martini with just a hint of chili to tie the flavors together.