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Coffee House PunchBy tdbrantRooted in historic punch style but updated with Mr. Black to keep the party going.
Arabica PunchBy tdbrantA winter sipper with a variety of warming spice notes.
Big Black BarrelBy Nathan R.Today’s cocktail is a big, dark tiki rum barrel riff. I find myself really enjoying the complexity that can be added to a tiki drink by using bitter and herbal flavors. Some of my favorite neo-tiki drinks are ones that utilize amari and other non-traditional elements. The interplay here between the molasses, the juices and the bitter element of the coffee liqueur and Fernet creates a bold, layered adventure.
The BFF (aka Black Forest Fizz)By arjun_venkateshThe BFF (Black Forest Fizz) brings together a shot of energy courtesy Mr. Black, infused with forest-y botanical flavors, topped off with a refreshing citrus effervescence. Start the weekend off with a kick, cool down after work or add some zest to that hot date 😉
Spiced MochaBy rahul_bhagwatInspired by the Mexican mocha, this drink brings together the deep coffee flavors of Mr Black and caramel-molasses notes of Old Monk 7 (Indian rum) with chocolate, cinnamon and ancho chile. Surprisingly refreshing and harmonious inspite of all the big flavors, this is the ideal after dinner cocktail.
The Blackest ThoughtsBy tuedelkromThis one is about keeping the balance between rich and refreshing. The cocktail welcomes you with vibrant citrus aromas leading to fine rum and coffee flavors. Dark chocolate and bitter notes are dominating the finish and are representing the counterpart to the easy drinkable Porter.
Black and StormyBy meteormickA simple take on a Dark and Stormy. This recipe substitutes one of the two shots of rum with Mr Black. The minerally, fruity, funky Plantation Original Dark rum works amazingly well with Mr Black.
Mr. Bee’sBy Nelis-vbThe intense and rich flavors of Mr Black with the strong sensation of cold brewed espresso, all combined with the smooth taste of dark rum and the subtle sweetness of honey. The whole forms the perfect combination of a full and rich flavorish, but also smooth cocktail with a touch of honey bee sweetness...
Rum & TumbleBy tjdavis104A stirred drink, aiming to bring the sweetness of rum and the bitter of coffee together.
Blackpowder EggnogBy rdswearingerAn eggnog version inspired by the kaiser melange coffee service from Austria.
Banana Rumma MummaBy jamesacampbell007Sweet and funky, chocolatey and bananary, a different take on Caribbean flavours.
Tan Almost Everywhere, Jan Almost EverywhereBy cameron.defurNamed after Michael Scott's iconic line in his diary, this drink has become a fan favorite of my friends at parties. A nice Caribbean dark rum paired with Mr. Black and a hint of vanilla make this a very smooth, enjoyable night cap. You don't have to be a fan of The Office to enjoy this, but it doesn't hurt!
German Pirate BrewBy ballen02296Delicious rum based espresso creation, with the inclusion of Monin Speculoos syrup for a taste of German Christmas!
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