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Black Forest & FogBy The Annex STLA cocktail for the discerning and dressed down. As you drink you'll find smoke and citrus on the nose and at the front, pine and malt in the middle, a rich nutty finish, and dark chocolate throughout. The flavors are clean and their balance will keep you coming back for the next sip until, sadly, it's gone.
Sicilian CaféBy Nathan R.The goal here was to play with one of my favorite Amari; Averna Amaro Siciliano. This pandemic has seen me reminisce of better years. Thoughts of images of folks sipping their Negronis in the beautiful outdoor cafés of Italy came to mind. I wondered if I could create a drink that would fit right into that picture.
Black ForestBy slopescaleMe and Mr. Black baked up this delicious Black Forest cocktail based on the famous cake. It's sweet, decadent and a perfect desert when you are too full for cake or just thirsty for a sweet drink.
Easy Like Sunday MorningBy frank.delacruz310This is the cocktail equivalent of enjoying a shortbread cookie and a cafe au lait on a brisk autumn morning with the one you love.
The InternationalBy michael.godekThis slightly sweet, complex cocktail is the perfect after-dinner drink. The candied vanilla, spice, and raisin flavors of the Licor 43 and Averna are balanced nicely with the bold, dark flavors of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, all while building on top of the rich foundation of Añejo Tequila. It's name comes from the diverse international locations each of the spirits come from -- Mexico, Italy, Australia, and Spain.
How do you take your cheesecake, Mr. Black?By @humblybuzzedWhat's better than coffee and dessert? Coffee AND dessert in a cocktail! For this drink I was inspired by one of my favorite sweet treats, coffee cream cheese pie, from the famed American chain restaurant Marie Callender's. Cheers!
Black Friday CocktailBy clairemallettphotoEverything you need for the day after Thanksgiving, to be able to shop till you drop. Mr Black Coffee Liqueur for pep in your step, Wild Turkey Bourbon, because Turkey Day, Averna Amaro to digest yesterday’s dinner and OM Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt for Holiday Sweetness.
Wake Up LateBy happy.christopherdayThese days it’s hard to wake up and choose between a cold brew or an old fashioned. So I just decided to put them together (and weep gently to myself).
Negroni NeroBy matthewOlive brine mixed with Angostura Bitters and squid ink releases a great salinity to extract the citrus and chocolate notes of Mr Black.
Mr. Black’s BoatBy joachimkokaA Paper Plane variation to play up the roast and chocolate notes in Mr. Black while paying homage to the practice of serving lemon with espresso.