Judging Scores – Week 6

And the winner is…

The top 3 coffee cocktails of week 6 were all very unique and the public votes coincidentally aligned with the judging score sheets! The Himalayan Retreat started with a Manhattan template and evolved into a complex combination of funky Jamaican rum, coffee, walnut and orange. Islay Corretto drew inspiration from the Italian tradition of adding a few drops of grappa to an espresso (named Caffe Corretto) and Mrs Black featured Strawberry-infused Campari!

Check out the top 3 recipes of week 6:

  1. Himalayan Retreat (410 votes)
  2. Islay Corretto (313 votes)
  3. Mrs Black (168 votes)

Check out Mr Black’s YouTube channel for more coffee cocktail recipes.

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Cocktail Name: Himalayan Retreat Islay Corretto Mrs Black
Taste 7 6.5 5
Presentation 7 7 5
Originality 8 8 6
Creativity 8 7.5 7.5
Total 30 29 23.5

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