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After EightBy alexmacdonald_844Creamy Mint ,coffee and chocolate 😋.it's just the perfect combination for the festive time if year 😋
The Little Winter WarmerBy alexmacdonald_844For this time of year it has all the perfect ingredients to get the festivities going
The Top or bottomBy alexmacdonald_844Same flavour but two experiences in the same cocktail
Oh My Oh My!By alexmacdonald_844This is a cocktail was just made of the cuff And Oh my oh my! It turned out so well 😋.coffee and banana yes please 😋
Red and BlackBy alexmacdonald_844For when your having a hot weekend and you want to keep going, all night long! 😀🍒
Black RoseBy alexmacdonald_844The Smell of flowers and coffee in the morning ,gave me the Idea for this cocktail .
No TimeBy alexmacdonald_844This drink came to me this morning .I was rushing to get to work and I almost did not have enough time to eat all my breakfast. So I drank my coffee and ate my jam and toast together very fast ,as I was heading out the door,I found the flavour of raspberry jam and coffee tasting very nice together 😋. This is my take on those flavours 😀 Enjoy folks
The Mandarin JavaBy alexmacdonald_844Well this is just another lovely surprise Mandarin and coffee together .who would of known it tasted so good until you try it .once you do you be sure to making many more .
Mint-nightBy alexmacdonald_844I love cocktails that are simple and you don't need alot of ingredients make it amazing . This cocktail is so simple but it taste amaizing .mint and coffee what more can you ask for 😋
Tropical LightBy alexmacdonald_844When you can't go on hoilday this year I thought I make something tropical.creamy coffee,pineapple and coconut what a hoilday treat .
Dark tropicalBy alexmacdonald_844Coffee and pineapple are such a good combination together, then throw in some coconut and lime, shake it all together and this drink is just a tropical treat 😋
MR Eggspresso MartiniBy alexmacdonald_844At this time of year Starbucks does my favorite coffee. An eggnogg latte 🥚☕. This is my cocktail take on that drink .For me this is a Perfect drink for Christmas time. Please Enjoy
Dalgona martiniBy alexmacdonald_844A bit of sweet A bit of coffee luxury All combined with a creamy smooth rich taste 😋
The Autumn Wake UpBy alexmacdonald_844When it's cold and dark at night we need something dark and sweet to get us going for a nice evening out. This is the perfect drink with sweetness ,spice and lovely taste of Mr black coffee liqueur