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Coconut, Banana, and Mr. Black Walk Into a BarBy AlchemixCoconut, Banana, and Mr. Black Walk Into a Bar. They find their friend, Orange, saving them a seat. We don't have an ending to the classic joke. But these ingredients that don't usually go together ended up having a good time in this cocktail.
Cafe ColadaBy DHIRAJ.RAJANI31Get relaxed, and invigorated at the beach all at the same time!
Mr. BlackquiriBy james.bueghlyA bold, flavorful riff on a classic daiquiri. The Mr. Black and Smith and Cross merge into a complex and pleasingly bitter base, but the drink remains crisp, citrusy, and refreshing, as any good daiquiri should be!
Oh My Oh My!By alexmacdonald_844This is a cocktail was just made of the cuff And Oh my oh my! It turned out so well 😋.coffee and banana yes please 😋
Dark tropicalBy alexmacdonald_844Coffee and pineapple are such a good combination together, then throw in some coconut and lime, shake it all together and this drink is just a tropical treat 😋