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Grand StargazerBy @westchula2017Mr. Black lives in Australia the best place on Earth to stargaze. The bubbles in this Grand Stargazer cocktail sparkle like the bright stars in the black night. Keep looking up, up into the sky for our future is bright! Saludcita to 2021!
Triple Orange Espresso MartiniBy Just Shake or StirInspired by the beautiful combination of chocolate and orange, I wanted to turn these flavours into a liquid enjoyment. The cocktail is refreshing with prominent coffee flavour from MR Black Liqueur and settle citrus notes on the back end. A smooth texture, warm kick and slightly sweet with bitter notes. An excellent after-dinner cocktail or a party drink.
Smoky SunsetBy SharonCohenCooksThis boozy drink puts me in front of a fire pit as the sun sets on a crisp Winter's day.
H-BombBy thomcgonzalesSlight heat with a creamy orange goodness. A nice little shooter to get you going, or as a dessert shot.
The Man Comes AroundBy mjtedesco23A decadent cocktail that will leave you wondering, who is the man that comes around to drink it?
Manifest DestinyBy nathan.blubaugh08The bold fruit and nut flavors of the liqueurs can be overpowering in a cocktail. Used both in moderation and combination creates a rich and aromatic mixture. Combined with the esters in the rum and you have the start to a tiki drink. But using Mr Black instead of a citrus plays off the earthy flavors of the drink slightly pushing the fruitiness to background.
Black PearlBy jacqueminrath99May I present you my new creation that I created for the contest of a famous coffee brend in france, cafe richard. Hop you Like it.
Flat Out Flat WhiteBy SharonCohenCooksA boozy Flat White that’s good any time of day! Cheers
John FethersBy chrisA riff off the Lucien Gaudin cocktail, which is a light and delicate cocktail named after a French fencer, I bring you the John Fethers, a bolder, darker, more full bodied cocktail as befitting an Australian Olympic fencer. The orange notes in the Campari and Grand Marnier work well with the Mr Black coffee liqueur, and a more floral gin such as Hendrick's or Aviation work better here than a more traditional London Dry.
Mr. Black’s DelightBy Maxim MooreA creamy, complex take on an espresso martini featuring Mr. Black and Amarula.
The Coffee TigerBy Tim KirklandThe "Coffee Tiger" plays like a cub, but bites like a tiger! It combines flavors of coffee, chocolate, orange and vanilla to resemble a "Black Russian ", only more complex.