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Midnight ColadaBy Alexis RamosMidnight Colada is like a piña colada putting on a tuxedo. A delicious classic, with an upscale twist. First, you will enjoy a rich cherry flavor with a decadent finish of coffee aroma. Followed by Caribbean notes of coconut, pineapple and rum.
Mr Black’s CoconutsBy kaz74pThis easy to drink martini highlights the smooth Mr Black flavour with the undertones of coconut.
Mr. Black on VacationBy Justin HoughEven Mr. Black needs a vacation from all those creams, bourbons and bitters! Relax with tropical notes of coconut and pineapple with a zing from raspberry vodka and blue curaçao. And, of course, a little Mr. Black! Enjoy
Tropical LightBy alexmacdonald_844When you can't go on hoilday this year I thought I make something tropical.creamy coffee,pineapple and coconut what a hoilday treat .
Dark tropicalBy alexmacdonald_844Coffee and pineapple are such a good combination together, then throw in some coconut and lime, shake it all together and this drink is just a tropical treat 😋
Bahamas DaiquiriBy philsdrinksThe cocktail is an adapted version of the Bahamas Martini 🇧🇸. The drink was not invented in the Caribbean but in the 5th Floor Bar in London in 2002 🇬🇧. The cocktail combines the bitter coffee perfectly with the fruit of pineapple and coconut 🍍🥥☕️.