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Blackest ForestBy jwowheadBlending the traditional trifecta of coffee, chocolate and cherries, this cocktail will make you believe you have just taken a bite of the most decadent black forest cake you have ever tried.
Midnight ColadaBy Alexis RamosMidnight Colada is like a piña colada putting on a tuxedo. A delicious classic, with an upscale twist. First, you will enjoy a rich cherry flavor with a decadent finish of coffee aroma. Followed by Caribbean notes of coconut, pineapple and rum.
Her MajestyBy 93PROOF_VICDeep herbal and citrus notes,, with the right amount of sweet. Why not get a little fancy with this Gin based coffee cocktail?
Midnight KissBy ckwelshSomething dark, sweet, and a little spicy.
Black PearlBy jacqueminrath99May I present you my new creation that I created for the contest of a famous coffee brend in france, cafe richard. Hop you Like it.
Red and BlackBy alexmacdonald_844For when your having a hot weekend and you want to keep going, all night long! 😀🍒
Mr. Black ForesterBy jake.rouseA bright Whisky sour with punch of coffee and notes of cherry and chocolate.