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Coffee SwizzleBy smcassedayA brunch swizzle sure to put a pep in your step.
Catch 22By lstanard.lsA variety of flavors that blend together for a rounded out smooth finish. Great after dinner drink.
The Smooth WhiplashBy cbvndoranDaytime. Nighttime. Summertime. Anytime. That’s the best time to whip up the original cocktail known as The Smooth Whiplash. The cocktails name is inspired by its two distinct characters - its velvet, creamy texture gives the drink a deeply rich quality, whilst its pure and flavoursome taste will warm you from the inside out. Ice spheres are used to give the drink a luscious, dessert-like feel. In addition, the nutmeg and cinnamon gives the drink vital earthy undertones that combine with its warm texture to form a lavish, silky drink that’s sure to please your guests.
Gasoline FightBy crcsevansIt's not an Orange Mocha Frappuccino that leads to a gasoline fight, it is the Gasoline Fight! The cocktail made to lift Derek Zoolander's spirits after he gives an eulogy. A delightful cocktail that tastes of lovely coffee, creamy, cholate, and orange goodness! It is dangerously good!
Time Is What We Want MostBy swallace160Unusual, tasty, strong, bright and fruity. Inspired by the Clover Club (named after the private social club in Philadelphia), this classic cocktail gets a spicy new twist. The fresh coffee bean aroma and hints of dark chocolate and cherry flavor of Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur combined with the robust and higher proof Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon shine in this pre-prohibition style inspired cocktail. Hints of caramel and toast from the Yards Brawler (English Mild Ale) combined with the tartness of the raspberries and the lemons brightness add complexity to the profile. The silky foamy texture from the egg white provides body and the dusting of cayenne complements the raspberry flavor and gives a slightly smoky, mild, tingling heat. It is a new cocktail that embodies the genteel spirit and hearty culture of the people who enjoyed the Clover Club back in the 19th century with the grit and sassiness of Philly today.
Mr Black’s BreakfastBy mattdfrenchThe only way that Mr. Black starts his day: bacon, egg, tomato, toast and coffee! This combination of bacon washed bourbon with Mr. Black, brought together with an egg gives you a silky and creamy cocktail that will make you not want to skip the most important meal of the day!
Mr Black’s Java FizzBy bobby.schoenjrA love for coffee and citrus cocktails led to many iterations of the two until this perfect coalescence of sweet and bitter had beautiful layered foam on top. The bourbon carries earthy notes underneath a fruity, coffee cocktail allows for smooth sipping any time of day.
Sweetness In SeattleBy sam_markhamThis is a sweet but full bodied cocktail with undertones of maple and vanilla, warmth from the Bourbon whilst allowing the star of the show, the coffee to shine through.
Minty Mr. Black MochaBy tipsywithtyreekThe Minty Mocha gets its deep coffee foundation purely from the Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and has highlights of flavours from other ingredients, all blending beautifully with one another. The Mint Mocha is very coffee forward on the nose, then boosted with chocolate and ends with minty freshness, further enhanced by the mint sprig for garnish. When smelling deeper, the delicious bourbon notes can be detected. This cocktail beautifully lends itself to the special flavour profiles of the coffee beans used in Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, sourced from Kenya, Papa New Guinea and Columbia. The most notable of these is the rich caramel and vanilla notes from the Columbian beans which pair well with the toasted oak and vanilla notes of the bourbon. The hint of bittersweet orange from the bourbon is also nicely paired with the floral and fruity notes of the coffee beans from Kenya and Papa New Guinea. With this cream-based cocktail, the strong and warm bourbon is able to cut through the sweetness with ease whilst delivering warming vanilla notes. The chocolate liqueur adds a decadent chocolate experience which is very characteristic of mochas, further compounded by the coffee. Finally, the Crème de Menthe adds an unexpected brightness to the cocktail. For those wanting a superior chocolatey experience, I would recommend the addition of two drops of chocolate bitters. At the end of each sip, the cream allows the flavours to remain in the mouth for a second longer, further extending the tasting experience.
$5 MilkshakeBy lochmann_cSmooth ‘grown up’ milkshake. This cocktail sees the marvellous Mr Black partnered with a ‘strong but silent type’ Bourbon (we used Archie Rose rye whiskey) and mellowed with a nutty milk to make a delicious ‘adults only’ milkshake. Now give me a straw and let me get drinking!
Twisted Cold Brew Old FashionedBy repele.andreaWho doesn't love a good old fashioned? And coffee? So how about we combine the two and make it extra special 😉
Black BrewBy Just Shake or StirWhen you need a coffee to pick you up the Black Coffee is the best solution. But what about if you are out and have the time of your life and feel tired. Well, try this Black Brew cocktail—a warm and slightly bittersweet with a kick and lots of flavours. When you call for a black coffee, try the Black Brew and keep going.
Go Fig or Go HomeBy JJ MixologyI love a really good coffee and sweet combination cocktail and this is something else. The sweetness from the fig liqueur which gives a hint of honey & vanilla flavour works incredibly well with the intense coffee flavour of the Mr Black and the bourbon whiskey. The hint of dark chocolate & bitters balances it out which leaves a very smooth & well balanced aftertaste. An excellent after dinner cocktail!
Sicilian CaféBy Nathan R.The goal here was to play with one of my favorite Amari; Averna Amaro Siciliano. This pandemic has seen me reminisce of better years. Thoughts of images of folks sipping their Negronis in the beautiful outdoor cafés of Italy came to mind. I wondered if I could create a drink that would fit right into that picture.
Hazelnut Coffee Old FashionedBy stevekgThe hazelnut and coffee notes in this original old fashioned will have your taste buds yearning for more! Thanks to Mr. Black for making the drink possible!
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