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The Smooth WhiplashBy cbvndoranDaytime. Nighttime. Summertime. Anytime. That’s the best time to whip up the original cocktail known as The Smooth Whiplash. The cocktails name is inspired by its two distinct characters - its velvet, creamy texture gives the drink a deeply rich quality, whilst its pure and flavoursome taste will warm you from the inside out. Ice spheres are used to give the drink a luscious, dessert-like feel. In addition, the nutmeg and cinnamon gives the drink vital earthy undertones that combine with its warm texture to form a lavish, silky drink that’s sure to please your guests.
The Asphalt MixerBy evil_munterThe Asphalt Mixer - A cynical person would think that this is just for a laugh after watching Steve do a Cement Mixer shot, and the name is a lazy play on words about black cement... And they'd be right! Lucky last week, so if this gets voted up and both Steve and Kat do a shot, the voucher can get put towards getting the team a clear ice maker
Gingerbread MartiniBy Hutch - Hutch's Happy HourTaking inspiration from my favourite festive coffee, the Gingerbread Martini is Christmas in a glass! The hint of sweetness balancing perfectly with Mr Blacks, along with the creaminess of the Baileys has made this cocktail a real crowd pleaser in our house.
Irish LattiniBy victoriaAs a big latte drinker, I was looking for a richer mouthfeel than you get from a traditional Espresso Martini, but something that still let the complex coffee flavors of Mr Black shine. So came up with this richer variation. Whilst the ingredients are not very original, using Irish Whiskey rather than Vodka compliments the Baileys perfectly and adds some extra backbone to the cocktail. The end result is perfectly balanced and does not fall into the trap of some other super sweet Baileys or cream based cocktails... the coffee is still very much the hero here.
COVFEFEHOLICBy baw003Coffee is the star in this delicious creamy and rich concoction. Baileys pairs beautifully with coffee and this simple 4 ingredient cocktail will surely please all.
Sweet RussianBy Ricardo Cardosothis is a sweet version of the white russian that i worked out and hope you enjoy it, unfortunatly i didn't have Mr.Black but a coffee liqueur will do but not as good because Mr.Black it's stronger thanks for making my drink hope you enjoy it follow me on @pretend.bartender
The Milk ManBy michaelcampi22A wombo combo of sweet meets spice. Perfect coffee and milk cocktail for a cold night inside!
Kiernan CoffeeBy akiernan3698Simple, accessible and delicious, on the sweeter side, but still utilizes those deep coffee notes. Best described as: Liquid Coffee Ice Cream