Judging Scores – Week 3

And the winner is…

The top 3 coffee cocktails for week 3 of the Coffee Cocktail Challenge could not have been more different from one another – a Demerara tiki cocktail (Mr. Swizzle), a creamy cheesecake cocktail (How do you take your cheesecake, Mr Black?)and a cherry & spice whiskey stir down (Midnight Kiss).

It was incredibly close with only 1.5 votes difference between 1st and 3rd place but it was the unique tiki drink, Mr. Swizzle, that stole my heart 😉 Congratulations Nathan R!

Check out the winning recipe, Mr Swizzle. Go to Mr Black’s YouTube channel for more coffee cocktail recipes.

Voting is open…

Week 4 has only a few days remaining so make sure you check out the leaderboard and vote for your favourite. Week 5 submissions are open so we look forward to your original coffee cocktail submission. Remember, it’s judged on Taste, Presentation, Originality and Creativity. We recommend submitting early in the week to give people the opportunity throughout the entire week to vote for your cocktail. The challenge week runs from Monday – Sunday each week until the 11th of January 2021. Share your cocktail recipe with friends, family & colleagues to climb the leaderboard!

Submit your coffee cocktail recipe

Judging Scores:

Cocktail Name: Mr. Swizzle Cheesecake, Mr Black? Midnight Kiss
Taste 8 8 7.5
Presentation 7 6 7.5
Originality 9 8 8
Creativity 8 8.5 8
TOTAL: 32 30.5 31

Coffee Cocktails Challenge

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