Mr Black’s Newest Single Origin Release!

Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee Liqueur

Local coffee maestros, Mr Black, have announced the debut of their latest liqueur release – Single Origin Ethiopia. The special edition honours Ethiopian coffee and heritage, the place where the coffee fruit was first discovered.

Mr Black Single Origin Ethiopia uses coffee from a single wash station in Yirgacheff region, fruit which has a reputation amongst the industry as “the King of Coffees”. Yirgacheff coffees are grown in high-altitude, and the consequent slow ripening develops extraordinary flavour and fruitiness. The label features a vibrantly coloured Ethiopian blue-breasted bee-eater, which lives amongst the coffee trees that are behind this incredible liquid.

Mr Black Single Origin

Coffee Sourcing

This expression also represents an evolution in Mr Black’s coffee sourcing, as they’ve partnered with Project Origin, an organisation that supports communities of farmers from around the world in producing premium coffees sustainably.

“We want to connect drinks of coffee cocktails with the people that actually grow the coffee. This is more than just a bottle of (very tasty) coffee liqueur. It’s supporting communities that grow high-quality coffees by ensuring they’re paid above market rate,” notes Tom Baker, Mr Black co-founder.

Baker continues, “Mr Black Single Origin Ethipoia represents thousands of hours refining our sourcing, roasting and production techniques – and we are pretty proud of the results. This beautiful product certainly justifies the effort.”

Tasting Notes

The expression exhibits notes of Early Grey and bergamot, with underlying hints of roasted hazelnuts. Generous zesty orange marmalade is evident on the palate with a pleasant tingling finish. To serve – pour over a large rock of ice, sip, savour and repeat.

Mr Black Cold Fashioned

Where to Buy

While this special edition has been shipped to all corners of the globe, there is limited quantity available to Australia coffee lovers – visit to get your hands on a 700ml bottle ($70). Use coupon code ‘STEVE’ for 10% off.

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