Easy Espresso Martini Cheat Sheet

Espresso Martini Party

Want to impress your mates with your expert knowledge on all things Espresso Martini? Look no further, we’ve got the answers to all those burning questions you’ve been dying to ask us.

How was the Espresso Martini invented?




The bartender happened to be all-time cocktail legend Dick Bradsell. The year was 1983, the bar in question London’s Soho Brasserie. And lucky for us, they had a coffee machine. So Dick went ahead and pulled a fresh espresso shot, shaking it up with coffee liqueur and vodka. The espresso martini was born.

So, what goes in an Espresso Martini then?

The ingredients in an Espresso Martini are still the same from when Dick shook up that first caffeinated delight in 1983 – Coffee Liqueur, Vodka, Espresso.

An, how to make an Espresso Martini?

To make an Espresso Martini at home we’d recommend this super simple yet super delicious recipe, with only 2 ingredients:

  • 60ml Mr Black
  • 30ml Espresso
  • Hard shake with ice and strain into your favourite glass.
  • Garnish with coffee beans – if you’re feeling fancy.

From the classic, the below recipe is a winner:

  • 30ml Mr Black
  • 30ml Vodka
  • 30ml Espresso

No vodka? No problem!

You can make an Espresso Martini without vodka – you could make an Espresso Martini with rum, an Espresso Martini with gin or an Espresso Martini with tequila. Whatever takes your fancy.

Want to know what makes an Espresso Martini frothy?

It’s the protein in the coffee that gives it that beautiful crema on top, and a good hard shake, of course.

And, does an Espresso Martini have caffeine in it?

Yes indeed – it’s got real coffee in it, after all. One 30ml pour of Mr Black contains 25-40% of the caffeine found in a single espresso. Plus the espresso itself.

So don’t worry, an Espresso Martini won’t keep you awake all night long – you can drink an Espresso Martini before or after dinner, or both! It works nicely either way. When to drink an Espresso Martini is up to you.

Does an Espresso Martini have dairy in it?

It depends what coffee liqueur you throw in there, but we know you drink Mr Black which is totally vegan – so no dairy!

And that’s a wrap! We love your passion for Espresso Martinis. If we didn’t cover what you’re after – hit us up, and keep an eye out for more fun facts over on our Instagram @mrblackspirits

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