Mr Blackwell TartBy bulletproofcocktailsWhat's better than having a coffee and a pastry? Having a booze filled cocktail that tastes like having a coffee and a pastry. Inspired by the classic Bakewell Tart flavour of Almond and Cherry.
Shriveled Old Bastard (S.O.B)By jscottkleinInspired by the Trinidad Sour, this cocktail is like that old uncle many of us have. Bitter, spicy and little sweet if you give him a chance. The ample Angostura, Coffee, lemon juice, and high proof Smith & Cross Rum is balanced by a Golden Raisin Spiced Syrup.
Sweetness In SeattleBy sam_markhamThis is a sweet but full bodied cocktail with undertones of maple and vanilla, warmth from the Bourbon whilst allowing the star of the show, the coffee to shine through.
Mr Black Sugar BobaBy Jerry ChenThis cocktail is inspired by my Taiwanese roots and is a fun boozy take on the popular dessert drink, black sugar boba milk. This creamy whisky forward drink, with added coffee notes from Mr. Black, balances the complex bittersweet notes of black sugar and boba pearls.
Coffee House PunchBy tdbrantRooted in historic punch style but updated with Mr. Black to keep the party going.
Arabica PunchBy tdbrantA winter sipper with a variety of warming spice notes.
Coffee CrustaBy tdbrantCoffee take on the classic Brandy Crusta cocktail.
Sérieux NoirBy tdbrantExpressing the essence of Mr. Black with minimal ingredients that compliment and enhance its rich coffee flavor.
A Holiday in TurkeyBy maeganmifflinDelight your taste buds and join me for A Holiday in Turkey. This cardamom inspired cocktail is a riff on a Turkish style coffee. It's smooth, not too sweet, with a velvety texture and a surprising note of chocolate.
Atomic EspressoBy Lorenz T.This drink is on one hand inspired by the famous quote, that also inspired the Espresso Martini "Wake me up, and then f*** me up." and on the other hand by the Dude's legendary White Russian. This both calls for a simple drink - which this is not - so my recipe is to be understood as a fancy version. If you just want to have a relaxed drink with some friends you're of course welcome to simplify it, swap the purée for a bit more liqueur, the cream for milk, simply shake all the ingredients, do what you gotta do!
Grand StargazerBy @westchula2017Mr. Black lives in Australia the best place on Earth to stargaze. The bubbles in this Grand Stargazer cocktail sparkle like the bright stars in the black night. Keep looking up, up into the sky for our future is bright! Saludcita to 2021!
The TuxedoBy 93PROOF_VICInspired by my favorite coffee drink, a mix of dark and white mocha. This coffee cocktail is the perfect after dinner drink.
Chai With My FriendsBy rstayl26Chai With My Friends is inspired by the classic Espresso Martini. I used a homemade chai spice blend and made the after-hours version of my favorite coffee drink: the Dirty Chai Latte. Pearl Vanilla Bean Vodka and heavy whipping cream help blend and sweeten the spices without adding any extra sugar, making it perfect to enjoy anytime.
Laugh Like YouBy Twig CapraInspired by the dual perspectives of “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas, my love for the bittersweet and basic Espresso Martini and a near masochistic obsession with flip cocktails, the ‘Laugh Like You’ is a decadent cocktail that opens with the scent of fresh espresso, contains notes of butter, coconut, and vanilla and finishes with a slightly dry nuttiness.
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