Four Roses FlipBy antonrimsbyFour Roses Flip is a perfect dessert drink. A perfect substitute for the classic Espresso Martini. The browned butter goes magical along with the bourbon, chocolate and coffee. Something new and exciting
Example Recipe – Mr Bali HaiBy Steve the BartenderOriginating from the Bali Hai restaurant in San Diegeo around the 60s. It was named after Mr Bali Hai, the restaurant's statue that prominently sat out front. Typically served in a tiki mug but an old fashioned glass will also work perfectly fine. A welcome combination of rum, coffee and pineapple that works surprisingly well.
Example Recipe – Pura VidaBy Steve the BartenderThe Pura Vida coffee cocktail is a full-flavoured smoky mezcal number. Featuring a subtle coffee flavour accompanied by notes of bitter orange. The cocktail was first created in London at a bar called Holy Birds back in 2016.
Example Recipe – El JefeBy Steve the BartenderThe tequila-based Espresso Martini is also known as the 'El Jefe' which is Spanish for 'The Boss'. A bold variation on the Espresso Martini with rich agave notes and a subtle bitterness from the coffee. The combination of a fresh cold brew coffee and the Mr Black's coffee liqueur makes this a winner for coffee aficionados.
Example Recipe – Rye BallBy Steve the BartenderThe Mr. Black Rye Ball is reminiscent of the classic Boulevardier with cold brew coffee liqueur as the sweet component - replacing the sweet vermouth. The proportions are also tweaked so the coffee notes can take centre stage complimented with spice, bitter Campari and chocolate.
Example Recipe – Spiced Ice CoffeeBy Steve the BartenderA rich adults-only version of your iced coffee - spiked with a touch of spiced rum, sweetened with a touch of agave syrup and a heavy dose of caffeine thanks to Mr. Black cold brew coffee liqueur.
Example Recipe – El CafecitaBy Steve the BartenderThe El Cafecita cocktail is inspired by a Cuban style coffee. Featuring dark rum (preferably Cuban) alongside flavours of sweet vanilla and coffee.
Example Recipe – Cafe BoulevardierBy Steve the BartenderA couple of simple substitutions on the classic Boulevardier results in a softer, sweeter drink with less dominant bitter notes. The Amaro Montenegro definitely softens the bitterness whilst Mr Black Coffee Liqueur brings rich coffee flavours. Enjoy up or on the rocks with a large twist of orange.
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