Mr. AppleBy geoff.finneganI know, Apples and Coffee is weird but this happy accident is a dark glass of fruity intrigue with a punch of coffee. The nocino and scotch add complexity and spice for a surprising finish.
The Mexican CovfefeBy brennanickThis was born out of my love for coffee and my love for the Macho Manhattan that The Educated Barfly featured last April. That recipe brought Licor 43 back into my life and I felt that it would pair extremely well with Mr. Black. I happened to have a bottle of a very affordable añejo tequila on hand that I felt would be better used in a cocktail than sipped. Once I added in the Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters, I felt like I had a winner and decided to poke fun at the sitting U.S. president with my naming.
Terry’s NegroniBy mjm6783If anyone has ever had a Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange, then you will understand the flavor profile I was shooting for. In my original specs I was trying to create a Negroni where I switched out the sweet vermouth for a blend of Amari and liqueurs. It was very sweet, but I was struck by how the coffee flavor of Mr. Black tasted almost like dark chocolate when mixed with the Bitter of Campari and CioCiaro.
A Pine Day for CoffeeBy aundrerA tropical, easy summer drinking cocktail with a coffee twist. How pine is this one?
InkyBy ali.glodenisWell who doesn't like Espresso Martinis? Mostly everybody is passionate about it, aroma, flavours, balance....just love it. Same for me, but I never tried it with cold-brewed coffee liqueur! That means we have job to do. Creating this cocktail recepie, I wanted to make a twist of Espresso Martini & I did. The biggest part of this cocktail is, that I dont use espresso to mix this cocktail. I made a coffee syrup from Jags Head coffee(Bourbon, medium roast) and combined it with salted caramel. A great creamy, sweet citrus coffee syrup, with light kick if salted caramel. Love it. (But if you dont want to cook it, its fine just to pour a coffee syrup and salted caramel syrup to mix this cocktail.) And it fits perfectly with Mr Black cold-brewed coffee liqueur, the bitternes of espresso and touch of vanilla, combines with coffee&salted caramel syrup. 😻 And the base spirit(Mr Black of course,but some extra ABV should do just fine. Is Rum! I picked Ron Colon Salvadore coffee infused 81 proof rum. Coffee rum(chocolate, coffee) + Mr Black(Bitter,dry, vanilla) + coffee&salted caramel syrup = Inky!✔️ Inky, a modern twist of Espresso Martini. Moslty, all the aromas and taste notes I described here, all the rest is to mix it up and enjoy. 😇 Priekā. 🍸💥🍸
The Smooth WhiplashBy cbvndoranDaytime. Nighttime. Summertime. Anytime. That’s the best time to whip up the original cocktail known as The Smooth Whiplash. The cocktails name is inspired by its two distinct characters - its velvet, creamy texture gives the drink a deeply rich quality, whilst its pure and flavoursome taste will warm you from the inside out. Ice spheres are used to give the drink a luscious, dessert-like feel. In addition, the nutmeg and cinnamon gives the drink vital earthy undertones that combine with its warm texture to form a lavish, silky drink that’s sure to please your guests.
Gasoline FightBy crcsevansIt's not an Orange Mocha Frappuccino that leads to a gasoline fight, it is the Gasoline Fight! The cocktail made to lift Derek Zoolander's spirits after he gives an eulogy. A delightful cocktail that tastes of lovely coffee, creamy, cholate, and orange goodness! It is dangerously good!
Black CognacBy howardja9A twist on a Spanish-style carajillo (coffee with brandy). Adds chocolate and jagermeister to add some intrigue to the flavor.
Time Is What We Want MostBy swallace160Unusual, tasty, strong, bright and fruity. Inspired by the Clover Club (named after the private social club in Philadelphia), this classic cocktail gets a spicy new twist. The fresh coffee bean aroma and hints of dark chocolate and cherry flavor of Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur combined with the robust and higher proof Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon shine in this pre-prohibition style inspired cocktail. Hints of caramel and toast from the Yards Brawler (English Mild Ale) combined with the tartness of the raspberries and the lemons brightness add complexity to the profile. The silky foamy texture from the egg white provides body and the dusting of cayenne complements the raspberry flavor and gives a slightly smoky, mild, tingling heat. It is a new cocktail that embodies the genteel spirit and hearty culture of the people who enjoyed the Clover Club back in the 19th century with the grit and sassiness of Philly today.
The Cold SmoulderBy Tim PrestonA deliciously smooth, decadent drink with a smokey complexity. Spice notes work super well with the coffee in this drink, with a subtle smoke flavour underneath.
Razzo RossoBy SahanA wonderful afternoon cocktail, the Razzo Rosso evolves from bitter berries with a spark of lime to a dark, coffee finish. Named for it's vibrant red colour, caffeine kick, and Aperol's Italian roots, the Red Rocket promises that fresh, bright boost we all need at lunch.
Mr Black’s BreakfastBy mattdfrenchThe only way that Mr. Black starts his day: bacon, egg, tomato, toast and coffee! This combination of bacon washed bourbon with Mr. Black, brought together with an egg gives you a silky and creamy cocktail that will make you not want to skip the most important meal of the day!
Mr Black’s Java FizzBy bobby.schoenjrA love for coffee and citrus cocktails led to many iterations of the two until this perfect coalescence of sweet and bitter had beautiful layered foam on top. The bourbon carries earthy notes underneath a fruity, coffee cocktail allows for smooth sipping any time of day.
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