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Himalayan RetreatBy @cocktails_nirvanaA nightcap inspired by a drink called Kahwah from the Himalayan region in Asia. Kahwah is a green tea infused with saffron, cinnamon and cardamom, and served with honey, and crushed walnuts and almonds. I started with a classic Manhattan template using Rum, Coffee and Orange liqueurs, and kept adapting till I ended up with my interpretation of Kahwah. An important factor was how to incorporate the nutty flavors with saffron without compromising the fruity and bitter flavors of Rum, Coffee, and Orange. After multiple trials, I ended up using Saffron infused Orgeat for honey, and at the end a dash of Cardomom Bitters rounded up the drink. Hope you like this boozy version of a historic drink from the Himalayas.
Dark SeasBy genecooper9My intent was to create a well balanced cocktail that highlights the sharp spices of the rum and the rich, bold flavors of the coffee and walnut liqueurs, each being complimented by the softness of the vanilla. The addition of the star anise garnish creates a unique aromatic experience that seems to tie everything together.