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Rum Barrel WinterBy charlieburris2Bringing together the vanilla and caramel notes of Demerara rum, the warming bitterness of Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur and Cynar, and the smoky, citrusy notes of falernum, the Rum Barrel Winter is a Negroni-style, tropical-tinged winter warmer that replenishes the soul.
Clarified Mr Black MochachinoBy its.angry.aussieA coffee cocktail for people who aren't actually coffee lovers. Using milk clarification to soften the impact of the coffee flavour while retaining the character of Mr Black and the other ingredients.
Mr. SwizzleBy Nathan R.I’ve noticed that most cocktails made with Mr. Black are evening cocktails with heavy flavors. I wanted to go the opposite route and create something refreshing and bright. The Mr. Swizzle combines the burnt sugar flavors of Demerara rum and honey with coffee. This depth is opened up by the lemon juice base and the clove spiced notes of the falernum. Enjoy a few of these at brunch time! You deserve it.
Black’s GetawayBy 93PROOF_VICA coffee forward cocktail with notes of sweet molasses, cane sugar and fresh citrus. A perfect way to wake up and fantasize of an island vacation!