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Black ColaBy Sean Drinks At HomeThis is a red-can soda lover’s cocktail. I have a friend that does not drink anything but a vodka with cola and this was inspired by his palette. Using Ramazzotti for the kola nut flavors and the Mr. Black kept the caffeine present. The orange garnish at the end and the touch of Italicus keep it fresh. Lightly carbonated and not overly boozy-tasting, this one will surely please most.
Last CallBy carterclint1Well, we’re at the last week of this competition. With that said, this is my “last call” cocktail, hence the name. This drink is based off of my love for Americolas (an iced coffee drink comprised of espresso and Mexican coke). I tried to recapture the flavor profile of an Americola with Ramazzotti (an amaro with cola notes), Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, and freshly pulled espresso. I also added a splash of Puerto Rican rum and a couple dashes of Angostura to give the drink a boozy kick and spice notes. What results is a bittersweet libation that anyone would be happy to have as their last drink before heading home.
SunnysideBy toddco13Amaro, coffee, chocolate and rye, with a touch of cherry. An after dinner sipper to enjoy after a fine meal.