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BlackbirdBy l.dellaA homage to the beautiful pairing of Italian Amaro and Pineapple in the Tiki classic the Junglebird. This cocktail's use of Aperol and Pineapple amplifies the fruity coffee notes of my black to create a refreshing but complex Tiki libation that will keep you up all night just like the nocturnal birds of the jungle.
Midnight ColadaBy Alexis RamosMidnight Colada is like a piña colada putting on a tuxedo. A delicious classic, with an upscale twist. First, you will enjoy a rich cherry flavor with a decadent finish of coffee aroma. Followed by Caribbean notes of coconut, pineapple and rum.
Café ColadoBy sebastiaan.jansenA coffee variation on the classic Piña Colada. Coffee is centre stage here, the natural fruity acidity in Mr Black is bolstered by fresh pineapple, with balancing richness from coconut cream. In this image I have combined all ingredients in the blender, I also recommend saving the Mr Black as a float, making for a lighter coloured colada, with rich, dark Mr Black coffee tinting each sip.