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Shriveled Old Bastard (S.O.B)By jscottkleinInspired by the Trinidad Sour, this cocktail is like that old uncle many of us have. Bitter, spicy and little sweet if you give him a chance. The ample Angostura, Coffee, lemon juice, and high proof Smith & Cross Rum is balanced by a Golden Raisin Spiced Syrup.
Big Black BarrelBy Nathan R.Today’s cocktail is a big, dark tiki rum barrel riff. I find myself really enjoying the complexity that can be added to a tiki drink by using bitter and herbal flavors. Some of my favorite neo-tiki drinks are ones that utilize amari and other non-traditional elements. The interplay here between the molasses, the juices and the bitter element of the coffee liqueur and Fernet creates a bold, layered adventure.
Spasm (Zero Waste Cocktail)By mikeymcd86This cocktail is essentially a pumpkin spice espresso martini. I was inspired to make a zero-waste pumpkin spice skyrup (skin+syrup) using the leftover skins from a roasted pumpkin. Recipe below.
Black MambaBy chaddaustinA blend of rum, coffee, and exotic fruit juices.
Bahamas DaiquiriBy philsdrinksThe cocktail is an adapted version of the Bahamas Martini 🇧🇸. The drink was not invented in the Caribbean but in the 5th Floor Bar in London in 2002 🇬🇧. The cocktail combines the bitter coffee perfectly with the fruit of pineapple and coconut 🍍🥥☕️.