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Triple Orange Espresso MartiniBy Just Shake or StirInspired by the beautiful combination of chocolate and orange, I wanted to turn these flavours into a liquid enjoyment. The cocktail is refreshing with prominent coffee flavour from MR Black Liqueur and settle citrus notes on the back end. A smooth texture, warm kick and slightly sweet with bitter notes. An excellent after-dinner cocktail or a party drink.
Mr. Blacks Peppermint MochaBy Compa Coffee RoastersSince our house blend is 30% naturally processed ethiopian coffee, we decided to pull a double shot of it, directly onto dark, semi sweet chocolate. We then take peppermint tea and peppermint essential oils to make a mint simple syrup. After combining all 3, we add the key ingredient- the new single origin Mr. Black- featuring coffee from Ethiopia. We then steam Califia Oat milk, creating a warm and velvety texture, before pouring something fun. The final result is everything you'd want in a seasonal latte- with the kick to keep it anything from basic.