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Spatial AwarenessBy carterclint1I’ve always loved the structure of a Sazerac. It’s one of the few drinks that are traditionally served in a chilled old-fashioned glass without ice, giving the drink more of a spatial experience. This is my inspiration for this cocktail, which has agave notes from a lightly smoky mezcal, bittersweet flavors from coffee liqueur and amaro, and bright citrus from orange bitters and expressed orange peel. The drink has light smoky aroma both from the mezcal and a smoked earl grey and rye tincture.
Dirty ChaicapBy carterclint1A dirty chai in nightcap form. Spices from the chai infused gin and amaro complement the Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. All of the ingredients get a little boozy boost from VSOP cognac.
Black, No CreamBy carterclint1A Manhattan variation with bitterness from amaro, coffee notes from Mr. Black Cold Brew liqueur, and funkiness from dark Jamaican rum.